Rangers board throws Bisgrove to the wolves again

Rangers board throws Bisgrove to the wolves again
The commercial director in the firing line over comms....

James Bisgrove’s interview today was yet another controlled piece, this time to official media partner Heart & Hand, where the Commercial Director conceded communication has been poor and the board had lost sight of integration with the fans in favour of running the club as well as possible.

Unfortunately, it’s clear they’ve failed on both these counts and fan favour towards the incumbents is at an all-time low.

Not since the days of Ashley, Llambias and co have Rangers’ board been this unpopular, and the one man who COULD, with a positive word or two, spin favour round, Douglas Park, refuses to do so.

Instead the chairman leaves it to his vice, to the managing director and to the commercial director.

Now, we know the previous chairman went too far in the opposite direction with mouthing off to the press, so we’re hardly endorsing King either, but Park’s absolute radio silence since becoming chairman has been… frankly pathetic.

He’s not said a word since getting the position, and that’s not good enough.

He threw Bisgrove to the wolves with the ill-fated Old Firm in Australia shambles, and he’s avoided all comms in this current media offensive.

In terms of Bisgrove now, he’s a farcical choice to put out on the front lines – not because he can’t – the man is smart and articulate, but because it’s not his job to appease supporters.

He’s there to make the club and company money with commercial pursuits, not appease the media with soundbites to make fans feel better about the state of things.

Instead it’s him on the front lines, once again being thrown to the wolves by a chairman who refuses to speak.

That they’re talking to us a bit more is better, but there is a massive amount to go before fans trust this board.

Thing is, it’s probably too late already.

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  1. I think it’s well too late. The fans will show it even more if we don’t win 56. Bisgrove is extremely competent and his record of deals are impressive. I think Mr Park will stand down, he cant or will be voted off either or his son due to share holders and numbers. Mr King won’t go back on the board but he will considering his share situation for sure . Its all not good the latest Pena stuff good but the fine first it’s like 2 blows to the head and a small ice pack. Shambles foks

  2. I think Mr Park is a reluctant chairman tbh ,I remmber when he first got the gig it took a while to announce and he was living abroad in sunnier climates .
    Perhaps he is really just there first and foremost to protect his investment and make sure no other brands associated with club ie cinch etc .
    His own business ,seems to be the main interest which I suppose is understandable ,as both king and murray admitted it took up too much of their time .
    However the rangers fans deserve more from a chairman ,so if his heart not in it better to move aside .

  3. Agree entirely and although King was vociferously eager to communicate it was still difficult to get a handle on what was actually going on at the club. The determination to discourage Outside interest remains today and in my opinion needs to change. Money drives modern football and particularly in a less attractive League as here experienced of late it’s understandable that a genuine investor is difficult to locate or even accept as having the best intentions for Rangers. That said we need a board that is monied with a forward looking
    and investment state of mind and not one of today which with all respects appear hesitant in its endeavours to sign players of real value and ability. It appears all too cosy for me and the main purpose being to maintain the status quo being uppermost in individual minds. FOr the long term benefit of RAngers new and significant financial benefit MUST be found if this wonderful and old club is to once again sup at the big table of world football.

  4. The board will say little, directors have been recalling loans, as did King, The Rangers finances are not good and that’s why the board hide away from the fans, only little deflection stories ever get announced, thos stories are coming back to haunt the board with deceiving the fans, ie they stated the stadium was fine and in good condition, well that’s been exposed as a lie, fans need to wake up to the overpayment of tickets, fans felt they did the right thing for their club but the directors are pocketing with claiming large interest on their recalled loans, once again fans lose out trying to better their club.

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