James Bisgrove at it again as Rangers’ brand power secures giant deal

James Bisgrove at it again as Rangers’ brand power secures giant deal
He's really good at his job, like.

In some less dramatic news of the day, Rangers’ announcement earlier that the club has teamed up with Cadbury as our official snack provider is one of the most underrated but massive coups for both sides.

Rangers have been becoming more and more lucrative in the past few months, with results and performances nailing near-perfection, and it’s no small deal, again, for the genius that is James Bisgrove, to secure a partnership with literally the biggest confectioner in the UK if not the world.

Cadbury’s are huge, colossal, easily the biggest company Rangers have tied with since 2011, and we have to say the results coupled with the Steven Gerrard effect is managing to seal partnerships like this when the club’s best back in the day would have been Blackthorn…

That Cadbury is now proudly emblazoned among the associate partners on Rangers’ website is subtly speaking maybe the biggest sponsorship yet.

That a company the size of the chocolatiers is paying Rangers to have their name on our site and endorsed by our brand is an absolutely giant deal.

We giggled when a fan of the green and white, naturally showing up in a Rangers story, quipped ‘that’ll stop 10IAR’. Because of course a nice bar of chocolate isn’t going to make us gub Celtic (we can do that without the help of sweeties).

But it shows the commercial power Rangers now have, that Steven Gerrard provides, and how James Bisgrove’s absolutely outstanding work as head of this department manages to pull off giant deals with big companies time and time again.

On a disturbing and disappointing day of news for Rangers fans, the club has also managed to sweeten the blow with this one.

Well played.

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