In 24 hours we wave goodbye to five Rangers men for good

In 24 hours we wave goodbye to five Rangers men for good
All of the departees wave goodbye (Credit Rangers FC)

Tomorrow the 31st of May is set to be a deeply profound day. While Ibrox Noise’s five-parter will also end tomorrow with our final ‘episode’ being on the great Scotty Arfield, he along with a glut of other players will officially be on the final day of their Rangers adventures.

At midnight tomorrow Arfield, Allan McGregor, Alfredo Morelos, Ryan Kent, Filip Helander, Steven Davis and Malik Tillman will officially no longer be Rangers players, with Ryan Jack and Kieran Wright both having been expiring too but being blessed with new deals.

But for the other seven it ends in just over one day.

As of right now, all 7 are still technically on our payroll, but that will cease at 00:00 on June 1st.

The two cases that are more ‘up in the air’ are of course Steven Davis and Malik Tillman. We understand Tillman has said no to our club, but that isn’t official, and Michael Beale will continue to hold out hope until the day it’s absolutely impossible. Meanwhile Davo is out of contract but will use the club’s medical facilities over the summer to see where he is come the start of next season. We’ll see where it goes for him.

But for McGregor, Helander, Arfield, Kent and Morelos their Rangers adventures are done.

It’s a poignant moment – it’s not often we release five major alpha first-team players, and we can confirm we’ve had hundreds and thousands of messages and comments on our channels suggesting Scotty was a mistake to let go. That’s for part five.

But there’s a sadness among many that these five do indeed leave officially in just over a day, even sadness about Kent and Morelos, despite controversy over their contributions and attitudes.

Indeed, of course many are ‘acting’ like they have already gone, which, they emotionally have, but they can’t register for anyone else until Thursday so until the red tape properly releases them, they still symbolically remain Rangers players.

It has of course been coming, we’ve known for a long time these guys were going – we reported it many times on Ibrox Noise.

But it actually happening ‘in the real world’ can be harder to take, and all the digital sites will update on Thursday with Rangers’ updated roster and a bunch of players gone.

For example, Kieran Dowell remains a Norwich player by official nature, with his having signed a precontract with Rangers. His current contract doesn’t actually end till July 1st so it’ll be a while before he can join up with us officially. So the sites all keep him on Carrow Road’s roster.

And it’s the same for our seven. At midnight tomorrow Tillman is fully a Bayern player again, and the other six are ‘without club’.

Changing times.

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