“No fanfare” – Alfredo Morelos says goodbye to Rangers

“No fanfare” – Alfredo Morelos says goodbye to Rangers
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - NOVEMBER 25: Alfredo Morelos of Rangers celebrates his opening goal with Ryan Kent during the UEFA Europa League group A match between Rangers FC and Sparta Praha at Ibrox Stadium on November 25, 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

In the fourth part of our five-parter, we say goodbye to Alfredo Morelos who finally, thankfully, blessedly after 6 years of ‘service’ exits stage left of Ibrox, and we’re absolutely bloody delighted.

For those with a long memory, his debut back in 2017 in Luxembourg was a disgrace. Overweight, disinterested, slow, Morelos looked like a truly shocking signing and Rangers’ exit to the minnows can point to Morelos in a small way for looking like he’d rather be anywhere else.

Ibrox Noise vividly remembers his greetin’ face as he ‘strutted’ his stuff for the club out there at Niederkorn, waddling around the penalty box looking like he wanted to go home to Colombia, but no, this was our new striker.

Thankfully, he improved a bit, and did start scoring, 6 in 6 in his first 6, but let’s not begin a fiction that Morelos was prolific for this club. 18 in 43 that first season wasn’t bad, but nothing heroic and it wasn’t long before he was talking about playing in the Premier League.

His second season saw 30 in 48, which IS a very good return, 17 in 27 in the league. He was strong that season, but sadly, was still babbling away about playing in the top flight down south and that detracted from his goal return. And his third season was his peak – that was where it maxed out for him – 29 in 47 including an outstanding Europa League campaign. That was where the Lille stuff started.

As soon as that bid was rejected, Morelos mentally checked out of Rangers, just 11 league goals the following season – he saved it all for the Europa League where even Steven Gerrard admitted the guy was playing for the move, on this big stage.

And thereafter was the tale of him continuing to dwindle, purely discussing on the pitch with numbers.

But there’s more, so much more. The petulance, the red cards, the rubbish in the papers, his continued obsession with England – his absolute refusal to properly learn English in 6 years of being here. He can do basic but don’t expect him to read Shakespeare.

He was a victim of the Scottish press, no question – a huge target, but he made himself one. We have little sympathy for how the press went for him when he was his own worst enemy. It wasn’t racist, it wasn’t anti-Rangers, no one else at our club before or since has suffered in the past 10 years at the hands of the press like Morelos did. He brought a tonne of it on himself.

It was about him being incredibly poor towards our club, his teammates, our fans – who still absolutely adore him in swathes and gave him his own banner of gratitude.

He gave Rangers very little, but headaches and a couple of seasons of decent form. He could have been a hero, but instead he’s leaving by the backdoor and nowhere near the fanfare he could have had.

This is not to say Morelos is a poor player – he’s not, but he’s completely underachieved so far in his career. He’s not a great finisher, but he is a good talisman, and he should have had more Colombia caps given his theoretical attributes. But the Coffee Men gave him 11 caps and he only managed a goal. He fell well short at that level.

Alfredo Morelos never wanted to be at Rangers though, and now he finally leaves.

Do we wish him well? It reflects better on us if he does well, but if ever a player was less grateful and more bitter about being a Rangers man, we can’t think of one. Maybe aside Michael O’Halloran.

He leaves with our blessings, thank goodness we’ll never see him play for us again.

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  1. He wont last 2 minutes anywhere else,he will vanish into thin air a nobody living on rice n beans
    He never knew he had it so good
    Good to see the back if his greetin face🥳
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