Graeme Souness confirms major interest in Rangers return

Graeme Souness confirms major interest in Rangers return
NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE, UNITED KINGDOM - OCTOBER 23: Graeme Souness the manager of Newcastle United before the Barclays Premiership match between Newcastle United and Sunderland at St James' Park on October 23, 2005 in Newcastle, England. (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)

Graeme Souness has confirmed he’s interested in a return to Rangers in the near future after positive talks with CEO James Bisgrove.

The former Ibrox player manager, who has been sorely missed in his years away from the club, is a lifelong Rangers fan and about as ‘one of us’ as it gets and his return would be greatly welcomed by all true Rangers supporters.

Yes, his exit in 1991 was poor, but he knows it was a huge error from a silly young man as he was back then, and he’s a much wiser soul now who knows what he wants.

And he’s completely up for returning:

“I’ve had a meeting with James Bisgrove, who’s the new chief executive at Rangers, about the potential prospect of me going back in some capacity to help the club. Given that I’m a Rangers supporter from being a boy, if I thought I could be of help in any small way, it’s something I would think very seriously about.”

Indeed, Ibrox Noise’s thinking is a non-executive board member, a director, someone deep inside the annals of the club and who would have some influence at a high level to make decisions that fans would be agreeable to.

In short, this would be the kind of Rangers man we need at the club – we’re very much getting our club in order in terms of the suits and board now, it’s a lot better, but we need some blue blood properly in a position of pure football, love and influence of a Rangers persuasion to help keep the rest grounded.

Souness is well-respected, and the silliness of the outrage over ‘a man’s game’ was just the usual ‘woke’ nonsense in this over-offended world where breathing out of turn is now a crime.

Ibrox Noise and all proper Rangers fans would love to see Souness back at Ibrox – if the board want to make even more friends among the fans as they are starting to now, this would be a big help.

Souness has given it the green light, so it’s on the club now to offer him some kind of useful position within Ibrox.

See it happen, Rangers.

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