Major announcement paves return for Graeme Souness to Rangers

Major announcement paves return for Graeme Souness to Rangers
LONDON, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 22: Sky Sports TV pundit and former footballer Graeme Souness reacts as he is interviewed during Day Ten of the 2020 William Hill World Darts Championship at Alexandra Palace on December 22, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Alex Burstow/Getty Images)

The story many Rangers fans want is here, after former Rangers hero Graeme Souness was reported as leaving Sky Sports with a return to Ibrox heavily-vaunted.

The 80s and early 90s manager in Govan, who, as we said earlier, wasn’t really the manager at all, by his own words, is strongly rumoured to be interested in returning to the club in some capacity, albeit we’d imagine heavily it’s not as boss.

No, a board place for the boyhood Rangers fan seems very possible, and he remains extremely popular with supporters who have clearly forgiven him for his shifty exit back in the day, which he knows deeply well was a mistake.

See, as a Liverpool icon himself (at the time) because of his playing days at Anfield, that was the only club that could have drawn him away from Rangers, his boyhood team – and he made the huge error of being seduced by it.

It didn’t go well, and the s*n incident unfortunately made him a pariah on Merseyside.

These days the majority of Rangers fans are a bit on the younger side and probably don’t remember too much of those times, and Souness is just seen as a good Rangers man with our club’s best interests at heart.

An older and wiser head and someone we’d (want) to be able to trust – but of course, us older fans do remember that betrayal back in the day, so once bitten twice shy?

Being serious, he’s one of us, and having him back at Ibrox in some capacity would be thoroughly welcome, and with today’s reports strongly suggesting he’s quitting Sky, it seems it’s written in the stars.

We watch and wait.

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  1. I for one would absolutely love to see him back in the dugout, Gio has taken us as far as he can and pray he walks away head down with his tail between his legs, Graham is a man all of of a certain age loved and adored, the man is a winner, its water under the bridge now that he went back to Anfield, but to have this man back at lbrox you would see team performances turn on its head, no more slackers, wage thief’s, they would be out on their ear after getting booted up and down the dressing room, this man deserves respect and would get it instantly

  2. Get that straight talking hardman back asap please,he will sort this fkn mess no problem,no cunt mess with Souness

  3. It should not be underestimated just how much this legend turned our club around .From 8000 at home games to fans in ques round the whole stadium to buy season tickets , england internationals flocking to rangers with the sheer pull and personality of the man .
    Great days indeed ,no way it is as manager ,however boardroom or DOF, if we must carry that position on in a heartbeat ! .
    Cannot see it with current crop though …he would be telling ,or shouting ? a few hometruths in that boardroom and no doubt having a few visits to the dressing room to have a word ……

  4. A minor, advisory role, at best. But I don’t think even that will happen. He’s turning 70 next year and has a heart condition, so I guess – once his Sky contract has run out – he will be enjoying his football comfortably ensconced in his armchair. Also, I don’t think he would be the solution to some of our problems. His methods may have worked in the 80s and early 90s, but footballers have changed.

  5. I’m all for Souness in any capacity that carries some influence. Would be great to see him in the dugout but even if he didn’t want that role he could come in and take the control of recruitment and development so that we can relieve Ross Wilson from his duties. Our recruitment has been rotten making desperate signings, massive and costly experiments like Ramsey, letting players like Patterson, Katic, Balogun and Aribo go too easily, (I won’t include Bassey as you don’t turn down that kind of profit), and he is clearly only there to help the directors get rich quicker. Someone needed to have the balls to stand up to the directors after we beat PSV but nobody had it in them to press on with strengthening the side with the UCL looming.

  6. He would be great in the boardroom making clear what it means to be Rangers. This board doesn’t have a clue nor do they seem to care. I would have reservations about him being involved in management though as I remember him being a hot head. Those who are older remember him forcing everyone to sweat out a draw with Aberdeen to win the title on the last day when he was sent off.

  7. After all the current bad press re slacking, not playing for the jersey, and overall indifference of some players, it would be a real boost to all attached to THE CLUB to have Graeme back in some capacity but hopefully Gaffer, I prefer him alive and wouldn’t want undue pressure on his heart. I’m sure GIO would relish someone of Graeme’s experience of top class football to bounce ideas off, most especially at this time!

  8. Great manager back in the day but no chance I’d want him now. His still of management is a thing of the past, footballers just don’t react to it well, mores the pity.
    Not director of football, he’s too old for that amount of work and his healths not great.

  9. One of my all time favourites ,but not to come back as manager.Lets not forget he has been sacked at every other club he was manager of. Yes possibly back on the board or some other capacity.

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