Rangers close in on £15M international midfielder

Rangers close in on £15M international midfielder
Ecuador's midfielder Jose Cifuentes plays the ball during the friendly football match between Japan and Ecuador in Duesseldorf, western Germany, on September 27, 2022. (Photo by SASCHA SCHUERMANN / AFP) (Photo by SASCHA SCHUERMANN/AFP via Getty Images)

Rangers look set to finalise next season’s Champions League-level midfield with the capture of Jose Cifuentes, to add to the existing pair of Todd Cantwell and Nicolas Raskin, as the Ecuadorian £15M man reportedly agrees terms with Rangers to switch from the MLS to Ibrox.

The 24-year-old central midfielder, who has 15 caps to his name, saw his value spike as he played for his country in Qatar last year, and is seen as Michael Beale’s big midfield capture to complete his selection of players in that area.

The model being used is Raskin as the holding, harrying mid, Cifuentes as the dynamic and powerful central mid who can spot a pass while supporting attack, and Cantwell as the main playmaker.

Cifuentes models himself on a peak Paul Pogba, the big strong and creative midfield titan who can hold play up, spot a run, spot a pass, and keep the midfield ticking.

And we’d be quite happy with that kind of powerful man in there – as superb as Cantwell and Raskin are, their power is questionable and we need a talisman as well with the physicality to support the other two.

Well, Cifuentes looks close, and seems like he’ll be the final piece of Michael Beale’s midfield jigsaw. It’s a top signing, a strong player, and someone ready to face the Champions League.

Why do we keep babbling about the Champions League when 56 should be priority? Well, despite what Ibrox Noise’s Ross said (completely fairly), the only way we will know we truly have a Rangers-level Rangers back is by winning in the top UEFA club competition.

Walter’s Rangers could win, Eck’s could win, Advocaat’s could win. Gio’s got absolutely slaughtered.

So at that level we’d love to compete, get a win or two, then drop down to the Europa League in third place. And maybe go all the way again?

But that’s ahead of everything else – Cifuentes is getting close by all accounts, and Rangers should finally have a midfield worthy of the club at long last.

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