“Give him a chance” – Rangers fans object to journo call on Michael Beale

“Give him a chance” – Rangers fans object to journo call on Michael Beale
Beale confirming the new deal....

We’re getting a lot of ‘give him a chance’ about Michael Beale, and the irony is Ibrox Noise were actually the biggest backer among the support of appointing the-then Queens Park Rangers manager.

His record at Loftus Road had been excellent, he loved our club, and he was the tactical guru behind 55.

It was written in the stars.

Unfortunately, one thing he isn’t is an experienced winning manager, and before you spout your Walter stuff, he was a one in a million and will never happen again. He was a miracle we were blessed with, and Beale is only 10 months into his managerial career and we can’t really see any similarities at all.

So were we wrong? We did overestimate his ability to win under the pressure of Govan’s floodlights compared with West London and the Championship. He exceeded his requirements with modest-expectation QPR, but at Ibrox all the pressure on him it’s a different matter.

So we’re not saying we were wrong, but something telling about the changes at boardroom level has been said by Mail writer Gary Keown, who actually wonders if Beale is close to the sack:

“However, there’s always a chance that The Week of Long Knives takes place at Ibrox – that unprecedented but much-needed dispersal of dead wood in senior positions – could Beale also a little embarrassed. It should. John Bennett hasn’t talked much since he took over as Douglas Park chairman – although he must and will – but there’s no question that the club is thriving with the departure of Park, Ross Wilson, Stewart Robertson, Craig Mulholland and Andrew Dickson as well as strong rumours of others to follow him. Former athletic director Wilson’s long-overdue departure leaves Beale with no one to hide behind.”

Keown makes a point – Beale wasn’t this board’s choice – the men who brought him in are all gone, and Beale does have a bit of vulnerability now. They could easily fire him and say he wasn’t their choice and they want to go in a different direction, or, should he not succeed next season, lump all the blame on him still saying he wasn’t their choice.

Keown also does point out the new chairman, from being so vocal a few months ago in the infamous ‘save face’ operation following the Old Firm friendly debacle and others, has gone as silent as Douglas Park, saying not a word since his appointment aside a little symbolic blurb on his appointment.

Whose choice was Beale? From what we understand, Wilson was the main lobbyist trying to bring him in, and now he’s gone.

As for Ibrox Noise’s position, we see little point sacking Beale now, but we know some fans think he’s completely out of his depth.

We tend to agree.

But our take is to just see what happens this summer, and see if next season surprises us. We don’t expect it, but we’d love to be wrong.

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  1. We are caught once again with some poor board management that flapped sacked Gio then flapped again and stuck Beale in to placate the fans…it failed very badly we lost any chance of winning anything this season as a result of this mis management. We are where we are , needing all of any money that can be raised to get this Team back to where it belongs . Beale will be in place as long as he gets above or at least challenging the other lot. Anything in Europe is a bonus .

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