Rangers might have put Robby through hell, but he’s smiling now

Rangers might have put Robby through hell, but he’s smiling now
Robby did well on his Rangers cameos last season but those are to be the end for him.

Robby McCrorie FINALLY got his big chance in Rangers’ first team, after waiting two years for another opportunity, and surprise surprise, the ‘third’ choice goalkeeper absolutely shone for the Famous with an excellent performance including two or three key saves, some impressive game reading, superb use of the ball with his feet and even leadership.

We are absolutely disgusted with Rangers’ management over the past two seasons to refuse point blank to give the Scotland international a real shot at the first team; ignore Michael Beale’s piffle about injuries, the player himself gave no hint he’s ever been injured, saying quite clearly how he’s been waiting for ‘a while’ for the chance.

And even before Beale, Giovanni and Gerrard equally refused to give McCrorie anything like a fair crack of the whip, with Gio and Beale especially opting for what is probably the worst goalkeeper Rangers have ever had in Jon McLaughlin, or at least, well among them.

That McCrorie has been pushed down like this is poor – but in fairness to him, he has never once complained, he kept his head down, and aged two years in waiting for his fabled chance to finally surface once more.

Was he being protected? Was he hell. Senior management chose McLaughlin and an aging McGregor and look at the absolutely shocking performances in goal we’ve seen this season and indeed last. As poor as this campaign has been, domestically last season between the sticks wasn’t amazing either, cup win aside.

But this season has been dire, and McCrorie still remained suffocated, never being given the chance to shine.

He even took a small dig at Beale, admitting the manager hadn’t said a damn word to him before the match in support, and in fact hadn’t said anything to him. Maybe he didn’t mean it as a slur, but it was hardly a ringing praise of a manager’s backing.

Either way, McCrorie has absolutely earned a shot, with a fine performance, and if McGregor or McLaughlin end up back in goal, we’ll know only too well what to conclude from that.

Bear in mind, Robby McCrorie has never conceded a single goal as Rangers keeper, and while it’s only three appearances, for someone always being used ‘as a last resort’, it’s impressive.

Well done Robby.

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