Rangers truly sack the board as all bar Graeme Park are culled

Rangers truly sack the board as all bar Graeme Park are culled
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 09: Rangers director of football Ross Wilson is seen in the stands during the Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and St. Mirren at Ibrox Stadium on August 09, 2020 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Willie Vass/Pool via Getty Images)

Rangers are continuing a massive change at Ibrox amid the exits of two more massive players on the business end of the club.

Head of the Academy, Craig Mulholland, and Finance Director Andrew Dickson have joined Douglas Park, David Graham, Stewart Robertson and Ross Wilson out the exit door as a total now of SIX massive suit heavyweights have left amid what is becoming a gigantic cull both off and on the park.

As the great William Struth said, you need a good board behind you, and Rangers haven’t had that for as long as we can remember, and dissent and disapproval was rife at the recent AGM.

The only figure left over whom a cloud now hangs is the son of Douglas Park, Graeme, but Ibrox Noise explained as a non-executive director, his influence is limited and he appears to have become a scapegoat for unhappy fans.

But the big talk and rumour is ‘someone’ is planning a takeover of the club, and we can safely confirm while the talk isn’t hogwash, the bottom line is no one owns Rangers, so to take the club over requires a third party to have enough funds to tempt enough existing shareholders to sell their shares.

Rangers are owned by several groups – Dave King’s hedgefund, ex-chairman Douglas Park, fan Stewart Gibson, George Taylor, Borita, the list goes on.

The only way to secure a complete takeover is to buy all these big groups out, and they are only going to sell for a profit. Otherwise it’s a pointless endeavour, unless they wish to sell for what they paid and break even, regardless of the buyer’s valuation of shares.

The point being?

The future of the club is up in the air now. We simply do not know what is around the corner, and a lot of suits are gone and replaced by other suits, and a lot of axes have been wielded. Was Mulholland fired? Was Dickson? Who knows the motivation for these exits.

It’s slightly unsettling, but we are reassured by the CEO appointment of James Bisgrove, who becomes the main man at Ibrox now.

As for everything else? We must just watch and wait.

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