Why Ibrox Noise will keep on holding Rangers to account

Why Ibrox Noise will keep on holding Rangers to account
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - APRIL 30: Michael Beale, Manager of Rangers, looks on prior to the Scottish Cup Semi Final match between Rangers and Celtic at Hampden Park on April 30, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

We’ve noticed a slight increase in a particular type of ‘user’ recently on Ibrox Noise, a superior individual who enjoys criticising and smearing our content and community in general, but then suggests we cannot accept criticism when we rebut back.

Yes indeed, the ‘hypocrite’ is alive and well among the Rangers supporter these days, a growing breed of snowflake who think attacking a Rangers site is completely fair game when they disagree with the content, but then immediately react in horror and outrage at being criticised themselves.

Indeed, while there are many examples of this, one user today suggested that Ibrox Noise was ‘embarrassing’, and our criticism of Michael Beale (supported by the majority of our audience, incidentally) was a disgrace, and how could they take us seriously when we ‘championed James Sands’.

We suggested that there’s hypocrisy here, that they appeared to be backing one Rangers man in Beale, but not another in Sands. That slagging off the former defender, while he was here, was fine, but we must back Beale.

They then went all-guns blazing suggesting we can’t handle criticism.

See, what the reality is is we can most certainly handle criticism, we just don’t agree with all of it.

Take a lot of fans’ suggestion that our rating for John Lundstram today was harsh, that he deserved more than a 3. They felt he worked hard and dug in. We felt he lunged in, and didn’t get a lot of the ball. But the point is maybe our 3 was too harsh, and we acknowledged that may be the case in his example.

Job done. We accepted we might be wrong on him.

But this other gentleman and indeed a few others on the site and page today reacted with rage at some content, then immediate outrage at being called out on their own hypocrisy.

No one really likes criticised – anyone who says otherwise is a liar, whether they’re a person, a group, a website, whatever.

But handling criticism is part of what we do on Ibrox Noise – not everyone will agree with us.

But unfortunately reacting like a pussy and suggesting we can’t handle the criticism just because we spot flaws in your own argument seems to be a growing trend in some areas of the fanbase, and, we suppose, society in general.

The old ‘dish it out but can’t take it’ argument.

We are in no position to stop holding everyone at our club to account, and until we’re champions again, we’ll keep doing that, as we did up till 55 and then joined in with everyone else at the celebrations.

But we warned back then we must not let it go to our heads, must not rest on our laurels. Sadly, the club did and here we are.

So we’re back to holding the club to account, willing it to change and watching as we hope it does.

There have been good changes on the board, changes we support, but more needs done.

And until we’re the dominant force in Scotland again, like we should be, Ibrox Noise will not relent in pushing our club all the way.

It’s the least our readers would expect.

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  1. Loved Sands never got a chance always gave 100% the lad,
    We cant all be right all of the time
    Onwards lets look forward to the summer

  2. Well lads, you cany keep everyone happy, and yes we done a Liverpool and won the lge then took foot off the gas.

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