It’s not all doom and gloom for Rangers fans, this might cheer you up

It’s not all doom and gloom for Rangers fans, this might cheer you up
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - APRIL 30: Nicolas Raskin of Rangers FC inspects the pitch prior to the Scottish Cup Semi Final match between Rangers and Celtic at Hampden Park on April 30, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

It’s the morning after the afternoon before, and Ibrox Noise, like most Rangers fans, feel little better now than what we did yesterday.

While some of our wide-eyed supporters remain optimistic for next season, we must admit that in the SPL era of our club, where we now are currently harks back to the worst days under Pedro, Warburton, and even Gerrard himself, who only won one trophy of 9, let’s not forget.

The fact is we’re 13 points off the pace, we’ve been papped out of both cups by Celtic, and the more worrying reality is they have a much better squad, more money, and a better manager.

See, we don’t rate Stavros highly at all, he’s a cheque-book boss who is nowhere near getting a Premier League job. But he is a winner in Oceania, and a manager who already knows how to win has a huge advantage over one who doesn’t. Give him borderline limitless funds and hey presto, he can barely lose in Scotland.

Meanwhile we have yet another rookie in charge, a pretty poor squad, and a massively finite budget.

Sadly, we’re struggling for optimism.

We can yell and scream all we want about ‘major changes’ but if they’re of the calibre of Kieran Dowell, that’s no better than what we have. And the budget isn’t affording us to replace weary and tired former assets who want to leave with similar calibre.

What do we have to spend this summer? Who knows. So, you’re wondering, where is the good news this article promised?

Well, there is a crumb of comfort – a nugget of positivity, and a fairly big one, because lord knows we need one:

Michael Beale, in one transfer window, signed two of the best players this club has seen since the Walter days. Nico Raskin and Todd Cantwell are exceptional, but they’re the only two good enough. And yes, we include Tavernier and Goldson in this. Colak we love but he clearly has no future under this manager unless he makes the starts from now on and the team is shaped to accommodate him.

So, we do actually have some trust in Beale when it comes to the window. Getting two out of two was excellent – he has an eye for a player and clearly he loves recruitment.

So if he’s given something of a budget, we have a speck of trust in the man that he could deliver some very good players this summer.

That would be some of the battle. Not all, but some.

But money is a massive issue, and Cantwells and Raskins don’t grow on trees. The club and Beale worked two miracles to bring in players worth a combined full gross market value of £60M (yes, really) for just £3.5M but doing that another eleven times will be tough.

And we’re also concerned about Beale’s ability to win. It’s one thing advising Steven Gerrard as assistent, another one doing better than expected at low-pressure Queens Park Rangers, quite another coping with the expectation at Ibrox.

But, if he can sign 9 more Cantwells and Raskins, that will help a LOT.

We just hope he can.

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  1. I already mentioned in a previous article, both Raskin and especially Cantwell are exceptional players and we need to build the whole team and I mean Team around them . Goldson should be moved on with Davies . A new team should include only these 2, Souttar Arfield and Tav but only with a decent RB added too to remove this continued picked at all costs situation he enjoys . He also should not be captain .

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