Rangers: there’s no forgiving Kent and Morelos for what they did at Hampden

Rangers: there’s no forgiving Kent and Morelos for what they did at Hampden
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - APRIL 30: Ryan Kent of Rangers inspects the pitch prior to the Scottish Cup Semi Final match between Rangers and Celtic at Hampden Park on April 30, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

If one thing was absolutely unforgivable at Hampden today, it was the utter invisibility of Ryan Kent and Alfredo Morelos.

Rangers fans expect effort from their team, and while we bang on about goals being football’s currency, which they are, nevertheless you have to put the hard yards in as well.

No team ever won anything doing nothing. As poor as Walter’s football often was, and as snazzy as Burns’ football was, it was Walter who won because his team worked so hard. They knew how to score, how to win.

Today, the sight of Kent and Morelos barely moving on the pitch, alongside fellow statue Malik Tillman was pretty much all you needed to know about all three players’ attitudes and where their heads were at.

Kent, we don’t really have a bad word to say – even though fans hate him these days, and yes, they do, he’s given us a lot of joy in the past and been worth the transfer fee for sure. Fickle fans just disregard all the good and focus on what they reckon are negatives and dismiss 99% of Kent’s career at Rangers, much of which has been exceptional.

But today’s apathy was so poor that even his dad, Michael Beale, actually hooked him off at half time and revealed after the match that he probably wouldn’t play for this club again.

Morelos? Hasn’t wanted to play for us since January 2018. That’s right, the Colombian superstar first learned of Beijing Renhe’s interest and spoke up his desire to play in England’s Premier League. He never stopped and only finally gave that patter a rest the past 18 months. He was, however, all ready to leave for Lille until the club stupidly rejected £16.5M, and then again for Porto. That one fell through.

And he’s never been shy about a lack of effort, and a lack of physique. Ibrox Noise had one lady stomp into our messages demanding a fellow fan be banned because he ‘fat shamed’ Morelos. Morelos is clearly not fit, not interested, and while the fan’s view was strong, he wasn’t alone.

Ibrox Noise did not ban this fan, and the lady called us ‘shocking’.

The only thing shocking was Morelos’ performance.

Tillman? He wasn’t AS bad – he helped out a bit at the back and had a couple of neat touches, but he was on his way to again being out of his depth at this level. He was sluggish and not up to it against Celtic as usual. Definitely not worth the £6M and we expect him to join the exodus out this summer.

We will only forgive a loss if guts and heart is there. In truth, Sakala, Cantwell, Raskin, and one or two others did show up, especially Scotty who finally got a chance, but overall the lack of heart from far too many showed they’re just not interested any more. If they ever were.

We need players who want to be at this club.

They don’t have to love us, although it’s nice when they do, but they do need to want to work for us.

So few of the current crop do.

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  1. Glad to see common sense prevailed with the guy not being banned for calling our Morelos’s weight lol. People are getting sick of having to tip toe around every sentence spoke its becoming pathetic.

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