The three massive keys to Rangers beating Celtic in the cup

The three massive keys to Rangers beating Celtic in the cup
Beale has confirmed he wants a trimmed squad (Credit Rangers FC)

So, we’ve vented till the cows come home, and we can say that 95% of you have agreed with our content the past while. Sure, a few angry Rangers fans have left us, but we’ll live, and we’ll continue being honest.

And this is where next weekend comes in.

We don’t believe we can win. We think Stavros and his Celtic have the measure of us, and given how long it’s been since we beat them, it’s not that surprising.

But if, a big IF we can win this one, it does a number of huge things and Ibrox Noise will set them out:

1: It gets us to the final. That would make three trophies in three years if we win the SC and that isn’t quite so horrible by Rangers’ standards. It’s ‘adequate’ if not sensational.

2: It stops the treble. We really don’t want Celtic to get all three cups this season.

3: Michael Beale gets himself a BIG chunk of goodwill from fans, goodwill currently lost thanks to a bunch of bad results v Celtic and the Aberdeen debacle.

In many ways, right now, 3 is actually the most important. Beale has made so many errors in big matches, that him getting over this Celtic hoodoo would be something massive to build on for next season. And him denying Celtic the treble would be his own ‘stop the 10’.

Beale needs to learn fast that he’s doing things wrong, and if he gets the win next weekend maybe it’s a sign that he’s picking it up at last. Getting to a final he can actually win would help his confidence and the team’s.

Do we think he can and we will? No, we don’t. As we’ve said before, supporters hope their team will win, and encourage them, but no Barnet fans believes their side is going to beat Barca. You have to be realistic. We believe we ‘can’ beat them in a one-off match, but we don’t believe we ‘will’.

Not one where they are going for a treble.

But while we lack belief, we will always have hope, and if Beale can reverse the trend of his reign so far, there’s every chance he can pull off some major slack from fans and reinject some belief back into supporters.

Beating Celtic is everything.

If Beale can finally crack that, he will gain so much support.

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