Aberdeen twist forgotten amid shock Rangers result

Aberdeen twist forgotten amid shock Rangers result
Michael Beale watches on at Aberdeen (Credit Rangers FC)

While everyone, ourselves included, are hurling all kinds of criticism at Michael Beale and the Rangers squad, it’s also worth pointing out something about Aberdeen:

They’re Scotland’s most in-form side, even above Celtic. Yes, really.

Under their new boss, Barry Robson (looking a shoe-in to get the job permanently), the Rangers win completed their 7th in a row, and that means over the past 7 matches, and as soon as he took over, Aberdeen are, comically, Scotland’s best team.

Of course, they’re not, that’s sadly ‘that lot’, but the Dons’ form has definitely been overlooked with regards to the result yesterday and the rage from Rangers fans over it, including ourselves.

It doesn’t change the screw-ups from the squad and the manager, or the dwindling form lately, but for this one result we faced Scotland’s most in-form side, in a fixture traditionally toxic for us, while our own form has been bad.

So while we must look at ourselves in the mirror significantly, and there’s a lot of that going on, nevertheless we were up against a side in rampant form and who have conceded ZERO goals in five matches.

So that’s worth remembering.

If you turn up against the Sheep in bad form, you’re already on the back foot, but when you turn up against the country’s most in-form side in bad form, at a venue you generally struggle at, it’s pretty much a recipe for disaster.

Ibrox Noise regulars already knew we were dubious about this one, that the pressure was on the manager – he failed spectacularly, and the Dons’ form will be no consolation to him or us.

But it does add naivety to Rangers, that some of our fans expected the win despite the pressure, the gravity, and their form. And ours.

If you don’t bring your a-game to Pittodrie, you’re gonna lose at the best of times.

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