“This page is run by tims” as some Rangers fans fume

“This page is run by tims” as some Rangers fans fume
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - FEBRUARY 01: Fans fly a Union Jack flag during the Scottish League Cup Semi-Final between Celtic and Rangers at Hampden Park on February 1, 2015 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images)

We do love it when fellow Rangers fans disagree with some of our content and decide ‘we must be run by tims’.

It’s a very common argument when a fairly unintelligent individual dislikes an opinion or a view – it’s attack the person, and slight them as a member of the enemy, ‘undercover’.

Whereas of course, if we were really tims we’d be acting like the tims who infiltrate Ibrox Noise and other Rangers pages online, which is to mock the content with a tonne of insults and laughter emojis.

No laughter here and we ban them as we see them.

Not a hint of enjoyment of what Rangers are currently suffering, and as we explained to one fan who contacted us privately with chastening criticism of this Rangers team, so many Rangers fans are wary of being honest that they instead come into our private inbox channels to vent.

That’s where we find the most honesty, not the public forum sometimes of our page or website – because that’s where 80,000 fellow Rangers fans will see your name, and a noisy minority will smear you as ‘one of them’ just because your comment isn’t covered in a sash or you’re not hurling WATP at the page.

Ibrox Noise will always be a safe place for Rangers fans to be honest – be it positivity because the team is doing great, or grumpy negativity because it isn’t, but as we say, many fans still fear the wrath of the BIG BAD RANJURS who will ‘out’ you as a tim for saying so much as you don’t rate Connor Goldson.

In reality, the real timmies are all laughing, and we’re trying to remove them as we see them, and that’s when you know who the real Rangers fans are. The ones making sensible observations and trying constructive criticism about what’s gone wrong.

Most of them end up private in our inbox for fear of slurs from the audience.

It’s also worth bearing mind for anyone who has been to a match at Ibrox that hasn’t gone so well – you will hear the same criticisms and abuse at players from the terraces as you do online, but in the real world are we really going to call another fan a tim in person when he or she has clearly paid for her season ticket?

No, not unless you now dismiss all contrary views to your own to be from the dark side.

Rangers had a horror result today, and much venting is taking place. It’s allowed.

Even if some want to tell you can’t. Just ignore them.

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  1. I’m laughing as I write this as I have been on the end of one of those people and that pathetic claim that I too was erring on the dark side. Let’s be honest unless we wake up and get after fixing our great club we will be suffering this for at least another 2 seasons . The actual ‘Tims’ are pissing themselves at our weakness and love to see us turn against each other . Beale is not the solution however.

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