Michael Beale has confirmed a massive Rangers overhaul is coming up

Michael Beale has confirmed a massive Rangers overhaul is coming up
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - APRIL 30: Michael Beale, Manager of Rangers, reacts during the Scottish Cup Semi Final match between Rangers and Celtic at Hampden Park on April 30, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

We have our doubts about Michael Beale, well-documented ones, and we have to say the support our fans and readers have given us with regards those doubts has been well appreciated.

We absolutely wanted this man in charge, but underestimated how much he would struggle with the pressure of changing Loftus Road for Ibrox, while he overestimated his own ability to do so.

That said, as much nonsense as he speaks, he is a good man and he’s trying his hardest, and Ibrox Noise will always support the manager of our club until such time as a regime is clearly on the verge of collapse.

We were behind Giovanni van Bronckhorst all the time until it became clear he himself wanted out and the club was crumbling during his final weeks here. We needed the change. He wasn’t supported by the-now departed board, but also didn’t man-manage too well in the end either.

Beale, sadly, is making some of those same mistakes – poor Scotty Arfield has clearly been the big victim of Beale’s favouritism while talented but lazy wasters like Malik Tillman take his place.

That said, again – we want our club to win, to succeed, and as much doubt as we have about Beale and his plain ability to turn Rangers into winners, we want it to happen, for him to prove us wrong.

Nothing would make us happier.

But he desperately needs to massively MASSIVELY be supported this upcoming window, and must be backed to get all the players he wants.

But more critically? Today confirmed a massive clear-out is needed, and Beale himself has further announced it’s going to happen.

It’s the end of the road for a colossal amount of Rangers players, and after Ibrox Noise suggested the exits of about 20 players this summer, much to the derision of a great number of our readers, it’s starting to look like that ballpark is accurate.

All the out of contracts will leave – that’s 10+ off the bat.

Then you’ve got the mutual consents and sales; Roofe, Hagi, Wright, Ridvan, Barisic, Lowry, McLaughlin, Kamara and maybe a few others. Colak, sadly, just doesn’t seem to be in Beale’s plans.

Sure, one or two of these are guesswork, but anyone who reckons the squad starting next season will look anything like the one we currently has needs another think, because much change is going to happen.

The only players probably safe, we think, are Tavernier, Goldson, Raskin, Cantwell. That’s literally it.

All bets otherwise are off the table because the whole squad is filled with players playing second fiddle to Celtic. We need better, and we need winners.

Truthfully we’d be shot of Tav and Goldson too but the former has confirmed he’d like to play his career out at Ibrox (and we don’t think he’s ever leaving), while Goldson just signed a four-year deal so we’re stuck with him unless a bid comes in (not impossible).

This, now, is the end of the Gerrard era, funnily enough by one of the main architects of it.

We need a tonne of work done, not that we believe it’ll be enough to surpass Celtic next season. They have a stronger squad and more money – not quite sure how Beale and the board can even match that never mind beat it.

But we’d love to be wrong.

This summer will be a lot of change.

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  1. We badly need the clearout asap,iam not sure if we can turn this around in one season though,we’ll see,MB has a job on his hands to sort this shite out

  2. God help us if we manage to get into the champs lge again. I honestly hope we get Europa or Europa confrerence, because we will get even more embarressed than last time if we dont.

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