Stavros Cup should be forgotten – Rangers have bigger fish to fry

Stavros Cup should be forgotten – Rangers have bigger fish to fry
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 15: (L-R) Luke Brattan of Sydney FC, Former Celtic player Scott McDonald, Stuart Ayres, Minister for Enterprise, Investment and Trade, Tourism and Sport, and Western Sydney, former Rangers player David Mitchell and Rhys Williams of the Wanderers pose during the Sydney Super Cup media announcement at the Overseas Passenger Terminal on March 15, 2022 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images for Sydney Super Cup)

So the fallout from the Sydney shambles begins as the organisers hit back and threaten to sue Rangers for breach of contract.

In fairness, given how badly the club has been run the past year we really hope this wasn’t a bad error of judgement from the board in not checking the fine print – we have ended up being attacked over commercial violations before and far too often in court from it.

It was the case with cinch, and the Sydney folk are threatening the same.

There is no one to blame but Rangers themselves. We support their decision to withdraw, realising fan feeling was so appallingly against this and listening to the supporters for once, but they were the ones who put themselves in this hole in the first place.

When James Bisgrove got this offer, the board (who unanimously supported the notion) should have had the wisdom to say absolutely not. Bisgrove didn’t get it, he’s not one of ‘us’, he’s here to do a job and he does it brilliantly.

But it’s the board’s fault for letting it develop, and not telling him to reject it.

So here we are – fans are happier now we’ve withdrawn, but the shambles of being part of it is down to the men in the suits.

There are some outlets demanding fans hold this against the board forever, that supporters shouldn’t forget this.

We think that’s deeply irresponsible ‘journalism’.

End of the day, they all made a big error, one they’re paying for now – they can’t apologise because they officially exited on a ‘technicality’ as opposed to admitting it was re: fan feeling, but end of the day they’re human.

We’ll criticise them for their errors, yes, but they’ve done a fair amount of good too, especially Bisgrove.

Move on? Yes, we have more important fish to fry.

And they begin on Sunday.

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