Ibrox defender Connor Goldson takes surprise aim at Rangers board

Ibrox defender Connor Goldson takes surprise aim at Rangers board
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - FEBRUARY 26: Connor Goldson of Rangers looks dejected following the team's defeat in the Viaplay Cup Final between Rangers and Celtic at Hampden Park on February 26, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

A couple of years ago Rangers defender Connor Goldson came under fire for controversial post loss comments v Hibs at Hampden when he accused his team mates of being mentally beaten at half time.

Few to no Rangers fans agreed with his saying this publicly, even if there was a reluctant admission that he was probably right, and he was roundly, completely and utterly slaughtered.

Well, the vice-captain is at it again, by suggesting the team has gone backwards since 55, and this time, that is a direct response to Union Bears’ recent banner claiming the board sat still since that title in 2021.

In short, he’s agreeing with fans that the club hasn’t pushed on since 55, and has spent more time selling merchandise than building on from that success.

Thing is, Ibrox Noise said all this in March 2021. We begged, pled with the board ‘not to do a Liverpool’ and let a historic title be in vain and that they must work on doubling down on it, cementing it.

Few really listened to our pleas at the time, and the board certainly didn’t, as they then proceeded to sit on their laurels, and not really enhance the team at all. It was all about selling club material to the fans and milking us instead.

We’d begged with them not to do that, but they did it, and here we are.

And Goldson says pretty much the same:

“I don’t want to say this wrong because it will cause a bad headline but when we have won I think that we haven’t pressed on, and that’s everything as a club. As a club we could have done more and now we are back to square one and I get the whole frustration of the fans that we haven’t kicked on after 55 and gone and won 56 and 57.”

We’re not Goldson’s biggest fans on Ibrox Noise, our content about him goes way back, and whether you agree or not on whether he should have said this publicly, it’s absolutely true, and it’s coming from the squad now.

It’s, purely and simply, an attack on the board. Nothing more. It’s a statement that the board let 56 slip, and while we got to Sevilla, we didn’t win that, and here we are still sitting on 55 two years later likely about to let Celtic get one closer in on our 55.

Goldson is more than responsible for some of the malaise, his own refusal to sign a new deal for the best part of two years makes him slightly hypocritical in itself, but it doesn’t mean he’s wrong.

The only way to put some of this (more) right is with 3 points this weekend. That’s a good starting point.

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