Connor Goldson finished at Ibrox? New quotes are damning

Connor Goldson finished at Ibrox? New quotes are damning
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - NOVEMBER 21: Connor Goldson of Rangers reacts after a missed opportunity during the Premier Sports Cup semi-final match between Hibernian and Rangers at Hampden Park on November 21, 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Connor Goldson’s reaction after the shambles at Hampden said a lot about him, and a lot about where the squad are right now.

Goldson slaughtered his team mates claiming they’d lost their hunger and their awareness, and said not a single individual can hold their head high.

Let’s take a look:

“The first two goals are from a corner. People are in the wrong position, which we have worked on yesterday. The second is from a throw-in and people are in the wrong position. If players don’t want to follow instructions, then we can’t blame coaches because they give us the information to do our job and players don’t want to take that on board.”

There’s a real arrogance here – he’s alluding to everyone else making the errors but not him. By stating ‘we have worked on yesterday’ he’s implying HE remembered what to do, but no one else did.

“We can be in there at half-time and say believe in ourselves blah, blah, blah but the game is over at 3-1 down at half-time.”

This is even worse – he’s now deriding the notion of a half time team talk as if no manager can ever have an impact with a powerful half time chat, and we know from experience that the likes of Sir Alex and our legendary own Sir Walter had exactly that kind of impact. Players CAN believe they can turn it around, but only if they want to. Connor didn’t want to.

“We know that the new manager was there today and you’d hope they [the players] would want to impress but after that performance, we need a change. We need a spark. I feel like – and I don’t want to say this – we have lost a bit of hunger. All of a sudden we are champions and we don’t need to work as hard, which is wrong and I feel like that has crept in this season. Hopefully, the new manager can come in and give us a spark.”

Again, he’s palming it off on his team mates, while equally (unintentionally?) admitting he too has lost his hunger.

In truth, if one player in the shirt has worked especially modestly this season, it is Goldson. He’s never been awful, but as we have discussed dozens of times, his work ethic has been middling.

So these quotes are both true, but deeply hypocritical, and also very arrogant in places.

Time for the stopper to move on too?

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  1. Get arsehole Goldson gone ASAP along with Tav and Kamara, they are all a fucking joke, I’m absolutely stunned we are top of the league, l seen the team sheet today and said oh fuck, here we go, l switched off after the second goal, fair play to the spoon burners, they wanted it more and our players are beyond fucking spineless, since we won the league on points and l blame that wanker Gerrard for it, we simply downed tools, and as for that clown that took charge today, he needs binned as well, l wouldn’t let him take control of the under14’s, and we had our usual poster on here saying that gerrard was a legend, gerrard was a fucking joke like John Barnes and insulted Walters name by saying he was a legend, well l hope Rob or whoever it was that said that has now crawled back under his fucking rock, I’m angry, I’m hurt, and I’m done defending that shit on social media, I’m sorry but it’s a fucking embarrassment being a bear right now and there was no fucking positives from today’s game whatsoever

    • Still very much here and above ground JT. If you read my original comments you will see that my description of Gerrard as a legend were qualified by “to me”. And he remains one TO ME (see what I did there) and always will for pulling us out of the gutter, stopping 10, giving us respect across Europe, and winning 55. Now if that doesn’t suit your agenda, whatever that is, then suck it up. And shame on you bringing Walter into it to score points. Many Rangers fans had already declared Gerrard a GOD no less so legend seems small by comparison. In the meantime I will look forward to the day when you come on here and don’t describe players representing my club as pricks, donkeys, arseholes, wankers and all sorts of other interesting names. I’ll say it again. YOU do not represent me or ANY Rangers fan I know. So why don’t you crawl back under your rock and stay there. And get a dictionary for Christmas and learn some real words.

  2. The comments Goldson made is exactly what is wrong and at the heart of what is so wrong with that false dawn of Gerrard . The rotten mob were total slash last season , with the Lennons self destruction and Liewells orchestrated exit. We won the league thank fuck , we couldn’t have lived with 9.5* .ffs. This group of players are in in 2 or 3 camps SGs favourites , Steve Davis Greggsy , and the others. This an evident and critical problem. All of the Rangers real support have wanted Goldson Tav and and Morelos gone for a while. They are poisoning the whole place , ffs most would not get a game for lower EPL clubs. I really hope GVB has a plan cause there is no real opposition apart from an occasional flutter by the rotten mob come on . Today’s slash had nothing to do with the Hibees being any good ffs. Did you see them against the rotten mob they lay down and shat it like the whole SPFL does with that shower.

    • Bill you are making the same mistake as many fans that we won the league last season because Celtic collapsed. Over and above the 3 games they lost to us Celtic lost just TWO league games. That’s not a collapse. We were just the better team.

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