Stevie G, Rangers, 55 and the huge Liverpool trap

Stevie G, Rangers, 55 and the huge Liverpool trap
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It’s not what you think. As we told you recently, Stevie G has committed himself to further adventures with his Rangers, and he isn’t going anywhere. Not any time soon, and we certainly can’t see Liverpool dumping Klopp imminently either, despite their hapless season.

Which, is exactly what we want to look at here.

Yes, yes, we know the league is barely just won and we’re already banging on about next season, but it’s not what you probably think.

No, we’re not rambling on about Stevie leaving for Liverpool, because he won’t – no, we’re on about how Liverpool had an absolutely ridiculous season last season and won the title with all sorts of records being broken, under a manager who had had a few seasons of mistakes and testing to finally get it right.

Sound familiar?

That’s right – Rangers this season have very much done in Scotland what Liverpool did in England last season – but it is absolutely critical we do not fall into the same trap they did of believing the hype, signing just two decent players and failing horribly to defend their title.

Yes, we’re already thinking about next season, and we will certainly allow ourselves a chance to celebrate this title – the material we’ve put out the past day or so is certainly us letting our hair down and enjoying 55.

But we are also acutely aware of next season, and the Liverpool example is the exact warning for any side that believes its own hype and gets complacent.

Sure, they had some injuries – and a big one to VVD, but they’d already lost 7-2 to Aston Villa while he was fit. It was a completely dreadful defence and they are struggling now to even secure a Champions League spot.

Rangers must be so, so wary of that example – a sleeping giant like Liverpool with a brilliant young manager who owned the league and created history, to then fall flat on its face horribly the season afterwards.

We MUST NOT be complacent. We can enjoy 55, absolutely, but to win it next season will require preparation, planning, and respect for our opponents.

We have the tools to go very far with this manager and this squad.

But then, Liverpool fans thought the same.

WATP – and we must be relentless with it.

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