Rangers’ Nnambi Ofoborh threatens to blow Ibrox lid off

Rangers’ Nnambi Ofoborh threatens to blow Ibrox lid off
Partick Thistle v Rangers - Pre-Season - Firhill Stadium Rangers manager Steven Gerrard talking to Nnamdi Ofoborh of Rangers before the pre-season at Firhill Stadium, Glasgow. Picture date: Monday July 5, 2021. Use subject to restrictions. Editorial use only, no commercial use without prior consent from rights holder. PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY Copyright: xStevexWelshx 60838274

Nnambi Ofoborh has had an absolutely horrible time at Ibrox, with some kind of illness/heart condition derailing his big move from Bournemouth, coming north at the same time as veteran striker Jermain Defoe but failing to even kick a ball in anger.

However, the England-born Nigerian midfielder got into major attention yesterday after delivering an accusatory Instagram update where he suggested he’s been mistreated over the last two years.

Given the photos he included in the update were medically-focused, Ofoborh appeared to be hinting that Rangers’ health treatment and diagnoses have been wrong and he’s been side-lined through no fault of his own.

Of course, that is our conjecture, but we do have some facts, and we’ll remind you of them:

Initially, Ofoborh’s Rangers career stalled in because a ‘heart condition’ was flagged up once he actually arrived at Ibrox having passed the medical in a precontract that January, 2021.

Now, this in itself was peculiar, that the medical in January had failed miserably to see this, and secondly, that it took till the 18th of July before then-manager Steven Gerrard announced a routine scan (ECG) had flagged up a heart issue.

The even more curious thing is we have a memory of Gerrard dropping the word ‘virus’ to describe Ofoborh’s situation, which of course may be a mix up with Covid, but either way it wasn’t positive.


Ofoborh has spoken out for the first time and appears to be pointing the finger, possibly at Rangers’ medical staff.

We can’t know what his intentions are, but going by the tone in his message, we suspect Ofoborh has less than zero chance of ever playing football again, far less our club.

The reality is how did he pass a medical, including an ECG, then get an issue flagged up by one a few months later? This was clearly an underlying medical issue, but how did Rangers’ medical not see it? More to the point, when did it manifest itself?

The lad was playing football for Bournemouth/Plymouth, that’s why we signed him, and the moment he moves north he’s side-lined?

It’s a very odd one which doesn’t add up, and Ofoborh may finally be about to open the whole thing wide up.

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