Rangers’ fan dispute with Ibrox board continues amid ‘pig’ claim

Rangers’ fan dispute with Ibrox board continues amid ‘pig’ claim
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - NOVEMBER 01: A detailed view of Union Bears Ultras stickers on seats on the inside of the stadium prior to kick off of the UEFA Champions League group A match between Rangers FC and AFC Ajax at Ibrox Stadium on November 01, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

The controversial Union Bears yesterday revealed the true banner Rangers blocked from Ibrox, and by the ultras’ group’s claims, it may not have been the message Rangers claimed it was.

In a statement, Rangers’ board claimed they had barred an offensive anti-police banner, and further suggested the UB had boycotted the match as a consequence. The UB dispute this, to an extent, and revealed the true banner they’d tried to use:

So this is what the board and Rangers’ security would not allow in Ibrox, and in fairness, do you blame them?

There is a right to free speech, but this goes into fan protest territory, and we can’t ever recall many anti-anything-Rangers banners ever being allowed inside Ibrox before aside the recent “eye off the ball 55” display. Most banners by the UB are defending the club, and protesting external factors, such as the national game, the police etc.

Aside that 55 one, as much as the UB may have a point or two, what did they really expect taking in a banner worded that strongly?

Now the ultras are picking a full on fight with the board, with the club, and their statement reads:

“Union Bears had planned to display various legitimate message banners at today’s match highlighting different issues surrounding our club and support. Prior to the match Police Scotland and Rangers FC jointly removed these materials without our knowledge and blocked access to regular matchday materials. From Rangers FC this is a clear breakdown of trust and an attempt to silence our groups’ valid concerns. As a consequence, we made the difficult decision to remove active support and not enter the ground as a group. This attempt to suppress the feelings amongst the Rangers support will not be successful and only stands to confirm the concerns that the fans hold. Union Bears. No surrender.”

The Evening Times’ Chris Jack, who frequently posts false articles and quickly deletes them, claimed:

“And we can now reveal that the highly offensive banner showed a police officer mocked up as a pig alongside a ‘1 3 1 2’ – an alternative to ACAB – slogan.”

Other outlets going with that angle too, we can’t verify it one way or the other, but we will say that the level of fan relations with the club has rarely been as low as this, with the last time things broke down this much being the Ashley and Llambias era.

It does seem to be one thing after another as far as fan engagement and the club goes. Frankly, there isn’t any, and Greg Marshall is now the only real fan link as the SLO – and let’s face it, he’s just a suit anyway.

Not ideal.

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