Rangers finally give (worrying) update on Nnamdi Ofoborh

Rangers finally give (worrying) update on Nnamdi Ofoborh
He said no thanks... to Mooy....

Giovanni van Bronckhorst has spoken for the first time at length about forgotten man Nnamdi Ofoborh and admits the future for the lad is as uncertain as it is bleak.

Arriving last summer year from Bournemouth, Ofoborh hasn’t trained or kicked a ball in anger for Rangers due to an undiagnosed heart condition, and fans have been wondering what the situation is.

So Gio revealed it is far from good and he effectively has no answers:

“I haven’t welcomed him on the pitch and Steven also didn’t. He is a player who had some problems, still has problems, and it is a situation we have to be very careful about to make sure we make the right decisions firstly for the health of him. The process is still going. I don’t know what will happen in the future but for me the most important thing is his health. We have seen him and he comes to the training ground once in a while. He is still one of the boys. If you see him, he is very good with the boys and also very energetic and happy and I feel really bad for him that he cannot be on the pitch. The most important thing is the health.”

Ibrox Noise were told earlier this summer that the lad had been cleared for preseason, but this was, sadly, incorrect, and it appears Ofoborh has absolutely no ETA at all.

This condition, whatever it is, clearly is very serious, and while the lad can evidently live a full life, it’s starting to look like he can’t be a serious athlete which places intense rigours on the body and heart that he cannot handle.

Why this wasn’t picked up in the original medical remains a mystery, and suggests a real blunder by Rangers’ medical staff. Equally though it was spotted quickly afterwards, and instead of Ofoborh potentially losing his life as a result of medical errors, they saved his by noting the aberration.

Unfortunately it means he cannot play for us any time soon, and sadly, it’s looking like he probably won’t play for anyone ever again.

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