Kris Boyd’s digs at Rangers’ Fashion Jnr are not helping

Kris Boyd’s digs at Rangers’ Fashion Jnr are not helping
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There’s a lot of talk in the media, including our own, this morning about Fashion Sakala and his now infamous ‘other mob’ comments.

Kris Boyd has taken to his column to warn that he will look stupid if Rangers don’t win, while the other mob’s pundits are of course playing to their galleries with the offended card.

The truth?

The truth is this is the banter we want. The other mob have spent 12 years calling us Sevco and denying the Old Firm exists, and Sakala follows on the heels of Michael Beale calling them the other team.

Quite right – but it doesn’t help when our own ex-players join the other mob’s media in piling in on Sakala and criticising him. While Boyd is sort of factually correct, that Sakala may look a little silly for the ‘smite’ of the opponent, it’s something he should have kept to himself.

It just didn’t help Rangers’ cause to have Boyd attacking our players in his paper column, and joining the avalanche of digs from the green media have been aiming our way as Sunday approaches.

So, to Boyd we say ‘be quiet’, and if you don’t have anything helpful to add to Rangers’ interests, it’s best you don’t say anything at all.

You already rather stained your recently-improved reputation by inferring Ally McCoist was an ‘idiot’, and this is another poor piece of dancing to the Parkhead tune. We need our pundits and allies in the media to defend us, not to take the opposite site.

Hopefully Fashion didn’t listen to you, because he’s done little wrong other than ‘getting involved’. Hopefully come Sunday evening he’ll be having very much the last laugh at the other mob’s expense.

Indeed, the Zambian has been high-profile in recent weeks and would love nothing more than to crown that ascension with a start tomorrow and a trophy. He might be a little immature now and then, but he is still a fairly young boy, and his heart is all about helping the team.

His pace will be a weapon, hopefully tomorrow we see how much and we’re lifting the first domestic trophy of the season.

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