James Tavernier reveals Rangers’ four true captains – and one is a surprise

James Tavernier reveals Rangers’ four true captains – and one is a surprise
Tav the latest to make some promises....

Rangers captain James Tavernier has revealed the four names of the squad’s real captains, and there’s maybe a surprise in there for Ibrox supporters.

Speaking before Sunday’s big final, Tav confirmed that while he is of course one of the voices of the dressing room, another three men would lay claim to the same role unofficially, and while two are predictable, one is a slight surprise, and the absence of another couple even more so.

The three obvious players were himself, Connor Goldson and Allan McGregor, but fans might be intrigued to learn a player who only arrived in the summer of 2021 is already a leading captain for the club: John Lundstram.

Tav confirmed he’s a big voice, and is one of the four to be so, but the further surprise is the lack of Scott Arfield and Ryan Jack from the mentions, who while very much dyed in the wool Bears, weren’t included among the big voices.

But Lundstram was, and the boyhood Liverpool fan, who was rejected by Everton as a lad and who came to Ibrox 95% for Steven Gerrard, is now as much a Rangers man as anyone, and has become a leading voice for the players in the dressing room.

McGregor we expect, Goldson we sure do, but Lundstram’s inclusion among these is a nice bonus, a confirmation the Goodison kid and boyhood Liverpool supporter is now very much one of us, and deeply respected in the dressing room.

It’s quite the rise after his first six months where most fans couldn’t drive him to the airport fast enough, after a slow start to his Rangers career, mainly cause by, ironically, his idol’s inability to manage him.

But he’s one of us and he’s definitely a true Ranger and a captain.

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