Rangers fans love it as Sakala rips into the other mob while Parkhead foams with rage

Rangers fans love it as Sakala rips into the other mob while Parkhead foams with rage
Sakala celebrating a well-earned goal (Credit Rangers FC)

We’re giggling tonight at the outrage in the mhedia and the reaction from ‘the other mob’ at Fashion Sakala rightly labelling them as such.

Hot on the trails of manager Michael Beale calling them the other team, Sakala’s comments haven’t gone down well at all at the Girodome, with disgust and rage at a forecalled ‘lack of respect’.

Now, bear in mind this is from the same punters who have called Rangers Sevco for the best part of 11 years, and the ones whose team called us the ‘other team’ at the Ibrox Old Firm.

Oh, and whose club no longer recognise the term the ‘Old Firm’, and yet apparently Rangers FC are not allowed to rebut at the other mob by calling them out on it?

We do laugh at the hypocrisy, and we couldn’t endorse Sakala and Beale’s terminology more if we tried.

They are nothing more than a nuisance, ‘another team’, ‘another mob’ and if our folks want to call them that then who are they to say any different?

They’re a stain on Glasgow, a stain on Scotland, a shame upon our country and they frequently embarrass the city and the nation not only by their atrocious European performances the past few years (or is that decade) but their fans’ conduct.

And yet they expect to be shown respect, without themselves showing any for others, least of all Rangers?

Not going to happen. Sakala was bang on, and his absolute dismissal of them was the correct response. We have no respect for this mob, and never will. Once upon a time, there was a mutual respect between these teams, but that’s a bygone era from decades ago.

These days it’s vitriol that the other mob have helped perpetuate.

So the other mob can go take a flying fling to themselves.

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