Rangers fans are wondering what’s happened to Alex Lowry

Rangers fans are wondering what’s happened to Alex Lowry
He's in training but far away from the first team it seems. (Credit Rangers FC)

There is no question Alex Lowry has fallen somewhat short of Rangers expectations, following the B-team star’s latest impressive showing for the reserves.

It’s a bit of a paradox to say he’s impressing for David McCallum’s side, but isn’t hitting the standard needed for the club, but the step up to senior level isn’t for all of those who shine with the lessers.

Alex Lowry seems as far away from the first team as ever, with just occasional cameos and bench appearances to speak of.

So what’s going on here?

Well, the first problem the youngster has is competition. Attacking midfield is the one slot the club is absolutely chock full of talent in – Ianis Hagi, Malik Tillman, Tom Lawrence and Scott Arfield are just four of the rivals for that shirt, but of course, tellingly, two of them are not currently available.

So how come Lowry can’t get a good look in?

Is it possible his ability just isn’t good enough?

22/23 was supposed to be Alex Lowry’s breakthrough season, but he did not take part in the Portuguese camp (he was there but in the gym) and faded very quickly from first-team affairs, before a horrible tackle in the B team ruled him out for two months.

But this was all a rather long time ago – he’s had chances since late autumn to be involved, but he remains in the B team.

There are rumours his attitude isn’t up to scratch, that he lacks professionalism and maybe dallies in the ‘partying’ side of life too much. Players are allowed to enjoy themselves, but that three managers in a row have not seen fit to use him more than sparingly says a lot about potential excess.

There’s a lot to be said too for his physique – Lowry remains extremely slender, which won’t do at the top level. Players have to be strong, physically built, and ready for the rigours of, especially, the Scottish Premiership.

Lowry reminds us of Stephen Hughes, that a gust of wind could knock him down.

Whatever the full reasons for Lowry’s difficulties getting into Rangers’ first team, they don’t look like they’re fixing any time soon, and talks of loan deals might be the path forward for him.

But as soon as the loans start, that’s pretty much the complete death knell for a player’s career with their parent club.

We’re not sure Alex Lowry is going to make it at Ibrox.

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  1. Lowrys skinny …so was Baxter..
    Have a look at Cantwell …
    The thin man…
    Really boys get a grip wee Lowrys got more football in him than all the midfielders at IBROX

  2. Mate, comparing with Baxter must be one of the dimmest things we’ve ever heard. Not only are they different positions, but it’s a totally different era and a very different Scottish top flight. If you think that’s a valid comparison then the grip needed would be yours!

  3. We waste our youth at ibrox no ifs buts or maybes we have all seen him play in th first team and he looked fantastic if he played in any of th other 11 teams in th league he would be getting games… We should be throwing him in there if he dont cut it fine let him go but I feel like we will be watching him for another team in next few years wondering why he’s not playing for us…. We would be aswell scrapping our youth academy and just using the money we save buying other clubs youth we obviously don’t know wat we are doing in that department why continue to bother with it

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