Gio van Bronckhorst stuns Rangers fans by saying Alex Lowry doesn’t ‘deserve’ to be involved.

Gio van Bronckhorst stuns Rangers fans by saying Alex Lowry doesn’t ‘deserve’ to be involved.
Well he's going nowhere unless the board find the cash.

Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s bewildering Rangers management today got even more surreal when he stated Alex Lowry hasn’t been chosen because he’s not good enough right now and doesn’t deserve to be in the squad.

The playmaker was intriguingly missing from tomorrow’s squad to face Hearts at Ibrox, but the manager was cryptic about this until asked, and his answer was pretty flabbergasting:

“Well, I can only pick 20, it’s very simple. I hope he will be back soon because it’s a long time ago last season. He’s been out for how many months…so for me, it is just a case of seeing the players I have, the players I will need, that’s all I think about. All the players who are in the 20 squad at the moment deserves to be in that squad.”

So Gio believes the rabble of players that are absolutely not delivering a thing for the club at present are more deserving of a place in the squad than one bright spark who can make things happen? There are rumours that Lowry has been a bit too ‘party animal’ for Gio’s liking, and his attitude and drink are a bit immature, but we have seen no evidence of this whatsoever.

Furthermore, Gio has a bad habit of dumping good players for bad reasons, Niko Katic being one, Balogun another – and it seems like Lowry may be on the receiving end of this bizarre tactic.

That Fashion Sakala is now out injured potentially till next year STILL isn’t merit for Lowry to be included could strongly hint at one of two things:

Gio is quite literally working his ticket out, and trying to annoy enough people on the board into forcing them to fire him, or that he really does believe Lowry isn’t good enough and genuinely doesn’t deserve to be included, even despite the fact we are down to all of four attackers/playmakers.

Neither of them is good, neither of them are in the best interests of the club, and we wonder what next perplexing outrage is going to surface from Ibrox to frustrate fans and leave them foaming at the mouth.

McGregor up front anyone?

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  1. Its all getting a bit silly now ffs
    Gio is turning into a right sweetywife
    How can a team on such a high can turn into such a low in a matter of months unbelievable
    And how long can this shite run for
    Somecunt take action ffs

  2. What planet is Gio on
    Same old same old Celtic will murder us with this team
    We need a complete overhaul
    Drop Kent (flatters to deceive tries to take on too many players loses the ball and we have to defend no good against Celtic)Barisic ,Tavernier,Goldson, lindstrum
    They are all too slow in reacting they have had their days

    We need some new blood with new ideas
    And what happened to the attacking football Gio promised us?

  3. I just don’t get it saying Lowery isn’t good enough funny that I watched him play in two games and he was outstanding and he was best player in both games ok he’s young and we all make mistakes and it’s up to the manager to sort him out but this is not doing him or the club any good specially when quite a lot of the players are playing as if they’re sleeping and just not playing for the jersey.

  4. The guys a complete clown. Lord knows what he is gonna come out with/do or rather not do next to make an utter fool of himself! How on earth can he make that statement based on the performances of the players he consistently picks no matter what yet he’s saying Lowrey isn’t good enough. I don’t think the guy has watched a single Rangers game before that 3-0 loss to Hibs when he first arrived which was looking back an Omen of things to come.
    He’s making a fool of himself and draging the club into it with him. Why are the board sticking with him? Do they REALLY believe he is going to turn this clown show around? He’s just going to keep on adding more n more to his circus.

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