Rangers fans aren’t happy to see so little of Alex Lowry

Rangers fans aren’t happy to see so little of Alex Lowry
He's in training but far away from the first team it seems. (Credit Rangers FC)

If there’s one question many fans are asking it’s why, after selling Joe Aribo and losing Ianis Hagi, is Alex Lowry still nowhere near the Rangers first team?

Lowry showed plenty of promise last season, and this term was said to be his big breakthrough, and with Aribo off to Southampton and Hagi on the treatment table, while Rangers brought in Malik Tillman there was plenty of room left for Lowry.

Now, we understand that he was in the gym over the summer, bulking up and gaining some mass, but he was also struggling with a few injury niggles as well. These definitely derailed him over August onwards.

But once fit he started getting some minutes in the B team before that absolutely criminal assault on him from Dumbarton’s Ally Love (who played the victim, incidentally) left him AWOL for a couple of months while he recovered.

But as of early October Alex Lowry was fit and ready, before getting some more B team minutes. He then finally made his much-vaunted comeback by appearing as a sub v Ajax.

But that’s where it ended and he’s back in the B team – Giovanni released a statement about Lowry:

“Well, I can only pick 20, it’s very simple. I hope he will be back soon because it’s a long time ago last season. He’s been out for how many months…so for me, it is just a case of seeing the players I have, the players I will need, that’s all I think about. All the players who are in the 20 squad at the moment deserves to be in that squad.”

At that time, the form of the players was horrendous and by saying the 20 picked deserve to be there, Gio is by implication telling us Lowry isn’t one of them, doesn’t deserve to be there.

Gio could have worded it by saying he can only pick 20 and Lowry ‘just’ missed out, but his wording was very deliberate by using that word ‘deserve’. Lowry didn’t deserve a place among the 20 he chose.

So what’s happened between Gio and Lowry to see him completely axed from the first team squad and now back among the second-string, albeit training with the seniors?

We just don’t know why Lowry is out of favour – rumours claim Lowry is a party boy and isn’t being professional enough, enjoying drink more than he should and falling short for discipline. But this feels like a stretch.

We’re not even going to pretend we have an answer on this one. All we know is it’s a hell of a shame such a promising player is on the outside looking in when we have so little creativity up front.

Que sera.

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  1. It’s about time that goalkeeper Mc Crorie gets a chance because the others that are getting their games are making mistakes every game,so give the player a chance.

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