Press smear Rangers and Jack amid yet more ammo to attack Ibrox

Press smear Rangers and Jack amid yet more ammo to attack Ibrox
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - JANUARY 15: Ryan Jack of Rangers acknowledges the fans after the team's victory during the Viaplay Cup Semi-final match between Rangers and Aberdeen at Hampden Park on January 15, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

The new furore in the media really does sum up exactly how anti-Rangers the Scottish press appears to be at times, and even though protests of that nature sound paranoid, they do have some basis in reality.

First we saw Celtic’s Stavros fuming in the media over VAR, the formerly-decent manager who’s been swallowed up whole by the eastern machine, only to go VERY quiet when Killie were completely done more than once against Killie. Instead he mocked it by suggesting he’s ‘lucky’ in a reference to Rangers boss Michael Beale subtly calling out Celtic’s financial power.

But the media were at pains to highlight Stavros and his rage, and his mockery, before going very quiet to highlight their fortune. Indeed, only one paper really mentioned their Killie benefits, and that was literally only today.

Then we have the abuse Ryan Jack has taken from Aberdeen fans for years, the 6 of them since he joined – some really nasty stuff in there, and it’s been incessant. Ryan Jack is probably the most all-time hated Rangers player by Sheep fans, who have been deeply aggressive towards him. He is unable to walk the city in safety any more, with Ibrox Noise sources explaining he’s at risk of recriminations so avoids the streets.

So our dynamic midfielder, rightly, took a little dig at those fans after his goal yesterday, and the press didn’t present it as a spot of revenge, but instead as a genuine smear upon ‘good supporters’. The kindest he got was ‘cheeky dig’, rather than ‘justified rebuttal’ for the years of nasty. As soon as a Rangers player DARES to rebut to the vitriol he gets, HE’S the bad guy upon those darling snowflakes.

In short, the press will always find angles with which to toxify Rangers, to attack the club, to vindicate negative content about the club, and as much as they can, to praise and support Celtic where possible.

Stavros is their new darling, and they hated Giovanni van Bronckhorst. They’re not much into Michael Beale yet, because he lacks charm. He talks plenty, but he doesn’t do it with the charisma Steven Gerrard did, so the media have no reason to take his side yet.

So Jacko will just have to accept the flack, and Rangers will just get on with being Rangers.

Nothing new there.

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  1. “charisma Steven Gerrard” That made me giggle. I think there’s only two of those words that go together but thanks for the giggle 🙂

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