An Ibrox Noise Statement

An Ibrox Noise Statement
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - NOVEMBER 22: A general view outside the stadium prior to the Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership match between Rangers and Aberdeen at Ibrox Stadium on November 22, 2020 in Glasgow, Scotland. Sporting stadiums around the UK remain under strict restrictions due to the Coronavirus Pandemic as Government social distancing laws prohibit fans inside venues resulting in games being played behind closed doors. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

The boo boys win. Ibrox Noise will no longer be producing playing ratings, even though the majority of you enjoy and appreciate them, thanks to the vile abuse we keep taking from a minority through ‘having an opinion’.

The majority of readers privately contact us with praise about the ratings, but unfortunately, a loud minority have spoiled it with disgusting public abuse, insults and smears, simply because we rated Ryan Kent, who has been getting horribly abused himself by fans for months, 4 after an ineffectual display at Hampden, and other ratings rated him higher.

Sorry, our standards are better than that – we will NOT give a player 8/10 for repeatedly missing the target, running into blind alleys and having no impact on the match – yes, Fashion, we’re looking at you.

We will NOT give James Tavernier 8/10 for repeated defensive lapses and a lack of focus throughout the match, even if other ratings sites think otherwise.

We will NOT give John Lundstram just a 5 for having a strong afternoon and heavily influencing the match, and we will NOT give Ryan Jack just a 5 for ‘having just one thing he contributed’ according to some.

See, our ratings were mixed between ‘what we saw’ and the actual stats. We wouldn’t just rate based on perception, because we do all see different things, but instead, we rated on a mix of subjective and objective.

We’ve also had more than one staff at Ibrox Noise deliver the ratings, a mix of several over the years, and every one of them get the same abuse – fans might agree with 10 of the XI, but the one they disagree with is the one the abuse begins with.

We’ve been abused for the ratings we give, either because you all want the player to be abused, or to be praised. In short, for the majority of these whines, it’s about simply wanting to complain for the sake of it.

The response we’ve gotten over the years from those who disagree has been aggressive and abusive over the ratings, as if Joe Punter Rangers fan cannot handle an opinion he or she disagrees with. Sure, we wouldn’t mind if folk said ‘nah, don’t agree with Jack, thought he was better than that’ or ‘nah, Tav was nowhere near as good as that’ or suchlike.

No, it’s ‘**** you what match did you ******* watch, you know **** all about football you ******* ****’

And that is why we bow out of the ratings, with an apology to those who enjoy them, and tell us so.

We will not all agree on football matters, how could we – it’s a very emotional sport. But somewhere down the line decency has been dumped too, and the hate-filled abuse some fans will hurl at others is beyond the pale.

So thank you, but no thank you.

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  1. Why let the knuckledraggers win? The ratings are your opinion on your site so letting some vocal element get the better of you is not the way. Ignore them.

  2. Please don’t do this. Don’t let a minority win. I really enjoy seeing your ratings, getting your opinions, getting a perspective on players or the game that maybe I’ve seen but haven’t thought about. I don’t always agree on the ratings but sure that’s what it’s all about. You give your thoughts and that’s good enough for me. Please re-think.

  3. We’ve had a very kind response to this, a pleasant antidote to the vitriol! Appreciated, but for now, we’re sticking to the decision.

    It’s very easy for those not at the receiving end to say ‘don’t let the boo boys win’ but unfortunately after 10+ years of them, it’s time for a break!

    In time perhaps we’ll revisit.

    Thank you everyone who’s responded on this and other platforms.

    • Hi, you’re right, I get where your coming from, it’s easy for me to say don’t let them win, I’m not getting the abuse. I respect your decision and thank you for the contribution on the subject of player ratings, I always looked forward them after the games.

  4. Player rating articles are a favourite of mine.

    I stopped commenting on your articles after a few hypocritical posts about Connor Goldson. However, I’m showing some support to keep the player ratings going please.

  5. Alas you’ll always get the knuckledraggers in society who can’t handle others’ differing opinions and in football it seems it’s exacerbated much more. Rise above it and consign these morons to their own little worlds they’re really not worth a thought…

  6. I’m dissapionted too but not surprised . It’s a terrible reflection of our society that this vitriol is acceptable behaviour . Keep on keeping on IN …WAT Real P.

  7. We’ll see the lowlife twats win against a decent path.. I’ve been a bear for over forty years I attend w hen I can work takes place.. But to give up to a few lowlife boo boys who think they know better.. Shsme on the lowlife scum, I’d even go support the other side than give in to these idiots.. Grow up u uneducated idiots and back your team under maistro Beale…

  8. I for one found your ratings largely spot on and if i didn’t, wasnt brain dead enough to give dogs abuse.Anyone who gave abuse isn’t worth listening to .

  9. Its a pity you have given in to the braindeads i for one agreed with all your stats and opinions this is supposedly fans of our team nah just dafties who havent a clue what they themselves are watching

  10. Everyone has a different opinion on how a player plays in any game, that’s what makes football. My opinion can be different from urs & both of us can be different from the next fan, that’s what makes football so special.
    It’s a pity u have stopped the ratings although I see why u have made that decision as some fans can’t stand the thought of u or anyone else having a different opinion from them. The same happens on fans pages on social media, u say ur opinion & u get slaughtered by some & that’s the 1’s that ruin it for the decent fans that have opinions without the vile obscenities.
    I always enjoy reading the views of Ibrox noise & I say keep posting the ratings & don’t let them win but that’s just my opinion.
    Onwards & upwards Ibrox noise & keep up the good work. 👍 👏🇬🇧

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