“His best in a long time – 8” – Rangers players rated at Hampden

“His best in a long time – 8” – Rangers players rated at Hampden
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - JANUARY 15: Ryan Jack of Rangers celebrates after scoring the team's first goal during the Viaplay Cup Semi-final match between Rangers and Aberdeen at Hampden Park on January 15, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Rangers forced their way through a tough 120 minute battle to earn a place v the other team in the final of the Scottish League Cup.

Ibrox Noise takes you through our ratings for a rollercoaster.


He was found completely statuesque for the early offside goal, then was found exposed totally for the Dons opener, but he redeemed himself with two particularly excellent stops later on in the match, during an encounter which exposed his best and worst. 6


Continuing to struggle, Tav’s composure is non-existent these days and his defending even worse than ever. He keeps on trying though, and he did get in a couple of big interceptions. Problem is he’s just not effecting matches in the way he did when he was younger. Was in no man’s land for the Dons’ goal. 5


Struggled in this one as well, was not reading the play well, and still appears to have no relationship with chosen partner Ben Davies – he didn’t cover Tav well at all, and missed quite a few clearance chances. Not his best. 5


His attitude at the Dons goal was diabolical – gave up on it well before it was a lost cause. He is NOT a defender you want in your corner when you need to fight, and he was insipid today. There’s no r’ship with Goldson at all. 4


Getting the blame for the goal, but far from the only offender, Barisic looked tired today and wasn’t bombing in his usual ‘exocets’ from the left. Was taken off with likely exhaustion. 5


This is where things improve. Not only did he nail a satisfying goal v his most hated team, he was everywhere and didn’t stop working. He WAS covering Tav unlike Goldson, and while he’s still not the Jacko of old, he was rightly MOTM and had his best match in a long time. 8


Also had a very strong match – had a lot of the ball and tried to make things move through the middle. Wasn’t a lot of tackling from him, but he was imposing and certainly showed up. 7


Wonderful start, some exquisite touches and passes, even some defending, but it dried up around 25 minutes and he was barely seen again. Lacks staying power and fades in and out of matches too much. 5


We love Kenty, but he was absolutely dire. The quietest match we’ve seen from him in a long time, he offered nothing, tidy and neat but no impactful play at all. Weak. 4


Great running early on but once again his dim-witted nature made wild and rash decisions, undoing the good work. When he gets to think, he is absolutely useless and that was the case here. 5


He’s just getting worse every match. Can’t score a t, he’s just overweight, uninterested, and lacking any conviction. Looked notably off the pace. 4



Absolutely zero idea why he came on instead of Arfield at the time, did little but give the ball away and even apologised for how rotten he was. 3


Good impact goal then off injured. That’s yer Roofe. 6 for the winning goal.


Good run, good assist – made the most of his chance. 6


Not sure why he came on – his time had passed when Kamara got the call ahead of him. N/A


Beale didn’t change much from the last match, system was the same. Once again the defence was horrific, and he has warned in the past that will be the case. But middle to front functioned well, even if it lacked quality. That was the problem – all the nice play but no end product. It always broke down in the final third. Second half this time wasn’t much better, but the team came from a goal down, with a good battle. Quality short but he’s getting his players to dig deep and a cup final is nothing to sniff at. Still don’t understand his obsession with Kamara though. 7

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  1. Barisic was never a 5, he was his usual weak minded, cowardly self. Their young lad Coulson at LB was excellent and showed exactly whatts required of a defender.

  2. Another insipid piss poor performance against a lesser opposition by a group of players who seem disinterested and lack drive both professionally and in some cases personally. You named the again , every game almost by the way, Tav Goldson Kamara Morelos Barasic . Tillman I’m not sure he knows where he wants play . Lundstram was too deep our centre 3 didn’t create buggerall . Jack was busy and scored a solid goal . It was another substitution faux pa’s by Beale , which he got away with just unlike the OF game. We started brightly but then faded allowing the SS to think they could get something . This won’t do if we want to win anything .

  3. I think Beale’s done a fantastic job so far. Can only use what he has and has been getting the best out them.
    Only ones that piss me off is Morelos and Kamara.
    We’re winning and confidence up, we just need a few bloody January signings!!

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