QPR fans rage with Michael Beale after prospective Rangers boss deletes Twitter

QPR fans rage with Michael Beale after prospective Rangers boss deletes Twitter
HOUNSLOW, ENGLAND - JUNE 20: New QPR Head Coach Michael Beale talks to the media at the QPR Training Ground on June 20, 2022 in Hounslow, England. (Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images)

Honesty and integrity. And loyalty. QPR fans are far from happy with Michael Beale now after the approach from Wolves a month ago was rejected on these grounds.

That the former Rangers assistant wouldn’t ditch QPR because his values of loyalty, honesty and integrity meant too much to him to abandon his Loftus Road employers, and not even a lucrative PL team like Wolverhampton could persuade him.

A lot of Rangers fans are also questioning his integrity after he deleted his Twitter account on the back of this and Rangers’ interest, as he prepares to sign on for the club.

And yes, we’re not going to defend the man to the hilt, but we’re not going to condemn him for ‘backstabbing’ either, because it’s not so much he’s betrayed QPR – it’s more than he was extremely stupid and unwise to commit to them in such strong terms.

See, when do managers or even players use those kinds of words to staple themselves to their current club? Not even the happiest players or managers will ever absolutely bind themselves to their present employer with such emotionally-charged dialogue.

Beale should never have said that stuff, just like Steven Gerrard should never have come out with his immortal line, because an about-turn two minutes later just makes them look stupid and treacherous, as well as dishonest.

We are in favour of Beale coming to Rangers, we’re behind him 100%, but he may have a thing or two to learn about what to say and what not to say when it comes to speaking to the media, especially when major interest comes your way from another club.

When he said it, he probably did mean it, but things change and he wouldn’t have expected the Rangers job to come to him on a silver platter only weeks later.

For any other job Beale would almost certainly have stayed at QPR (and indeed did when Wolves came knocking), but he simply couldn’t turn Rangers down and all that’s happened is his statement of loyalty and integrity looks deeply misguided and inexperienced.

Steven Gerrard was brilliant at speaking to the press, even though a lot of what he said was outright fabrication. Gio was a lot more guarded and careful about what he said, till he knew the game was up and opened up a lot more. But Beale will have to learn quickly about what he should and shouldn’t say to the press, because QPR and the media are having a field day with his comments from last month.

You live and learn.

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  1. Some quotes from the raging QPR fans please. Honesty and integrity shouldn’t be questioned here. He turned down Wolves who are a fantastic club and a level up from QPR. No doubts he would succeed there with the war chest available. He was loyal to the point the famous came calling, cos he fell in love with the club like we all have. WATP

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