How does Mick Beale’s Rangers appointment change things for Ibrox contract rebels?

How does Mick Beale’s Rangers appointment change things for Ibrox contract rebels?
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - NOVEMBER 09: Alfredo Morelos of Rangers looks on during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and Heart of Midlothian at on November 09, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

If one thing is clear on the arrival of Michael Beale (with information coming in that the announcement is now imminent), it’s that it changes nothing with regards Glen Kamara and Alfredo Morelos.

Both of them want out, a change of scenery, and feel it’s time to move on from Rangers. The body language from both has screamed of disinterest and apathy, and fans have very much grown tired of both of them.

It changes a bit for Ryan Kent, however. Kent and Beale are close, and it’s clear that Kent’s best time at Ibrox was under Beale/Gerrard. He’s never taken to Gio, a few fleeting performances aside, and the Dutchman’s exit was probably a bit of a relief to him.

But Beale’s arrival may change his urge to leave, given they’re well known to each other and Kent rates Beale very highly from his Liverpool and indeed Rangers days. In no way does this defend Kent seeming to down tools a spot under Gio, which he was guilty of, but the reality is a happy Ryan Kent on form is without doubt the best attacker in Scotland.

Of course, the fact he’s still SPL top chances creator even having reduced his workrate under GVB shows how much better he could be with full effort, but this is slightly academic.

As for Morelos and Kamara, they couldn’t care less – both of them want new clubs and Kamara is praying Salernitana’s interest comes to something in January, or indeed Nice come back in or indeed anyone does, while Morelos would certainly be happy with anywhere but Scotland – Fenerbahce may well take a look at him as reported.

Morelos’ apathy is less Rangers, albeit he lost his place under Gio, more the league, and the fact his career has started to stall in the past year. This never showed more than his atrocious performances in the UCL, missing open goals twice.

So Kamara and Morelos see no change, but Kent may well stay put, even though Rangers fans have widely gone off the winger and couldn’t drive him to the airport fast enough.

We’ll see.

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  1. I’ve said this before, first thing needs changed is the captain. Decent SPL player,poor leader. Then start to get rid of those who don’t want to be there. Maybe too late for the title already but try and lay down a marker for next season.

  2. If it wasn’t for us to give Dundee £5 and a bag of toffee apples, Kamara would probably be out of football altogether, and you say an Italian team are wanting him ? I would be willing to put my life on the line to say he will still be with us sadly when the January transfer window slams shut, he is going absolutely nowhere, the guy is a complete hoax, a poor excuse for a man, he is absolutely dog shit and nobody was ever going g to buy him since he came to us, he honestly must have thought he won the lottery when we signed him

    Take a Joe bloggs off the streets and put him in a Rangers shirt, will be likely shit but would still look half decent if the rest of the team are playing well, this I’d how Glen gets away with it but has been well and truly found out now

    Kamara if you are reading this, you are a complete and utter fraud and we were the only ones stupid enough to pay Dundee for you

  3. I personally do NOT want to see Morelos ,kunt ,kamara or roofe in a rangers Jersey again ,the damage is done for me . Inexcusable to give less than your all in a blue jersey .

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