Rangers fans deliver their verdict on James Tavernier’s captaincy

Rangers fans deliver their verdict on James Tavernier’s captaincy
Liverpool's Brazilian striker Roberto Firmino (L) scores his team's first goal during the UEFA Champions League Group A football match between Glasgow Rangers and Liverpool at the Ibrox Stadium, in Glasgow, on October 12, 2022. (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN / AFP) (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Rangers captain James Tavernier is under a little bit of pressure of his own now. His no-show for media duties on Wednesday along with appalling performance v Liverpool in itself have put him in the spotlight, and Ibrox Noise wanted to know how many of you endorse him as captain still.

For us, his race is run, we’ve had enough of his Rangers ‘leadership’, and the one big night we needed our captain to be bold at Ibrox and gee his men up, he hid, played dreadfully and contributed to our downfall.

And we ran a poll to see how many of you agreed with us.

The results, while not resounding, were far from an endorsement of James Tavernier remaining as Rangers captain:

Just 34% of those who responded wanted him to keep the armband, while a strong 58% felt he should be relieved of it.

8% were unsure.

We agree with the 58%. His conduct over the course of Wednesday evening till he decided to produce a controlled paper interview with the Times (they are now the main mouthpiece for the club) was that of an ill-equipped captain unfit for purpose.

Now, let’s be clear – his form this season for Rangers hasn’t been awful, not great, but not awful, but as a leader, this match ended him for us.

He disgraced himself and his club as a captain and should go back to just being a player, which is fine.

Apart from the whole immunity to being dropped issue, but that’s another matter.

The point is you significantly agreed with the notion of him no longer being Rangers captain.

It’s four+ years of him now, and we could use someone who can actually lead when the chips are truly down.

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  1. It’s possibly not the solution to strip Tavernier of the captaincy when there doesn’t appear to be anyone to take his place. The fault for the whole mess lies simply with an unsupportive Board which has failed to provide sufficient funds to replace financially those players who have left. For whatever reason the lack of support by those in charge is the main cause of the current situation and displays an ignorance of the fact that failure of the team (the CORE of Rangers FC) can only lead to further disappointment leading to the handing of the league championship to the obvious rivals before the next window of opportunity even opens.

  2. Tavernier has been a bad defender since he joined us. I wrote to Gerrard four times to suggest we move him forward and let him play as a right sided attacking player with a rock steady right back behind him. He will always let us down if played as full back because he doesn’t work hard enough to get back when he is out of position. Year we won the league I lost count of times Goldson and Davis came across or back to block breakaways down our right flank. I thought the Polish boy was to be this cover but we didn’t give him a chance and now he is back in Poland. Same story on left. Borna should play as left sided attacker to let us drop the ineffectual Kent. Bornas delivery into the box is much better than Taverniers and we must play Ridvan behind him

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