Rangers are squarely to blame for Connor Goldson’s injury

Rangers are squarely to blame for Connor Goldson’s injury
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - OCTOBER 12: Connor Goldson of Rangers is seen as he leaves the pitch injured during the UEFA Champions League group A match between Rangers FC and Liverpool FC at Ibrox Stadium on October 12, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Ibrox Noise’s Derek, always so often on the money, covered so many of the issues at Rangers in detail today (which went down very well with the valued readership), and one of them was a key issue we as a site have really really addressed for months, even years, and now finally we see the repercussions of the problem.

That is – Connor Goldson’s immunity.

Because the vice-captain was absolutely 100% immune to being dropped, we didn’t bother to cover him – we didn’t bother having quality in depth on the right side of defence, and even let all our best defenders go in the summer such was Goldson’s immunity.

Derek uses the word ‘rotation’, and he’s right – because Goldson wasn’t ever being shown the bench, we didn’t have a plan B for when he was injured or suspended, and complacently assumed he was the bionic man who would always be available.

Information is now that he’s out for six months, and can as good as be discounted as a Rangers player now, because by the time he’s fit again, Rangers will have evolved without him. There will be no place for him and we’ll have had to adapt a new style in his absence. He will, at that point, have to adapt to our new style and will become rotatable.

But that’s how it should have been already – Rangers have paid for this bizarre insistence on having no rotation, no cover for him, no nothing, by losing him long term and having no backup plan in place.

For all of Ross Wilson’s BS about strategies and plans, did he account for this? Did he account for Goldson being long-term injured? Did he have someone in place?

If so, that someone needs in already – but it shouldn’t have come to that – there should be plenty depth to cover him, plenty strong defenders with plenty Rangers first team experience ready to fill in naturally and make the transition seamless.

And there isn’t. Even if Souttar and Helander and Davies were fit, who would be good enough to be our main alpha defender in Goldson’s place? Two of them are lefties and one of them only joined a couple of months ago. Souttar was signed as a body to replace Goldson, but he’s a sicknote and a mistake. But one Ross Wilson willingly made.

So does this fall on Wilson or Gio?

Unknown – but someone’s incompetence and poor planning has put Rangers in real, real trouble, and 56 is going to be very, very hard indeed now.

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  1. Spot on , it’s a fucking mess. We have been caught with our drawers at our ankles . We let 2 of our best defenders Katic Balogun leave for nothing and pittance , bad , bad very bad decision which will cost us 56 . Plenty of us shouted this bad move before it happened. Wilson should get sacked for that alone , as should our so called CEO .

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