Rangers fans are calling Allan McGregor world class tonight

Rangers fans are calling Allan McGregor world class tonight
LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 04: Mohamed Salah of Liverpool scores their team's second goal from the penalty spot past Allan McGregor of Rangers during the UEFA Champions League group A match between Liverpool FC and Rangers FC at Anfield on October 04, 2022 in Liverpool, England. (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

Allan McGregor is being lauded tonight for a world class display with fans rating him 10/10. Ibrox Noise doesn’t agree, and we’ll explain exactly why.

Was McGregor good? Yes, he was our best player, but this was slim pickings on a night of all-round poor displays.

The part that most fans are ignoring is that McGregor didn’t make one single special save – they were ALL bread and butter saves to him, saves he’d make in his sleep.

Werder Bremen, Praha, the save v Griffiths – THESE are his special saves, these are the brilliant saves he makes when at his best.

Tonight he barely needed to be – very few of Liverpool’s attacks were even that dangerous, and the ones that got through, he only needed a solid save to stop.

The issue we feel is kicking in here is how bad the absolutely shockingly poor Jon McLaughlin actually was – he wouldn’t have made a single one of those stops, and it would have been a cricket score.

But McGregor does, quite regularly, and is more than capable.

And as a result, fans watching, used to two months of the rubbish from the number as he leaked goals at this level left right and centre, were amazed by how brilliant McGregor was by comparison.

Seemingly forgetting, it appears, how good he actually is and how tonight was nothing extraordinary from him.

It was what Rangers fans should expect of Allan McGregor.

What the saves did was keep the score down, but none of them were incredible.

What he did was important, and it stopped the score being worse, but McGregor has been a lot better than that in the past.

Which shows how spoiled we’ve been as fans by his brilliance in the past, and just how bad McLaughlin actually was.

What this boils down to is Gio’s shocking error making McLaughlin number one.

Now, for those of you who got to the end of this piece without hurling your laptop out of the window in rage, this is for you: for those who disagree with us but can do so civilly, we welcome your views.

For those who quickly resort to abuse to get your point across, you’re not welcome.

Thank you all for your time.

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  1. Fingertip saves from Jota and Salah were top notch, the big donkey Darwin hit 4 straight at him that McLaughlin would’ve probably either got pegged or dived out the road.

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