Haaland (and Colak) are making a lot of people look silly

Haaland (and Colak) are making a lot of people look silly
SEVILLE, SPAIN - SEPTEMBER 06: Erling Haaland of Manchester City FC celebrates after scoring his team's first goal during the UEFA Champions League group G match between Sevilla FC and Manchester City at Estadio Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan on September 06, 2022 in Seville, Spain. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

A little off topic, but we’re still laughing on Ibrox Noise at the arrogance of the English media and suchlike, who, like many in Britain in fairness to them, smeared Erling Haaland and wrote him off as never going to succeed in the Premier League.

It shows how little sense there actually is, and the high esteem the PL hold themselves in, and the disdain many in the UK have for Europe, that statistically the best striker of all time, before he even left Dortmund, would struggle against Wolves, despite his genius up till City.

Just so we’re clear:

For Molde, as a young teenager at just 18, he was already battering them away at 20 goals and 6 assists in 50.

Then he switched to Salzburg where it was 29 in 27 and 7 assists. Yes, 29 in 27. Over 1 in 1.

Then Dortmund it was casually 86 goals in 89 and 23 assists. Fractionally under 1 in 1.

Not to mention the 18 in 21 for his country and one assist. Almost 1 in 1.

And the small matter of 28 in 22 in the Champions League and 3 assists. Well over 1 in 1.

All BEFORE Citeh?

And yet some absolute clowns thought this guy wasn’t that great and would struggle in England?

The most comical aspect here is they felt ‘vindicated’ when he had a bad competitive debut in the Community Shield, and the headlines did indeed suggest this signing was a flop.

Boy do all these muppets look foolish now.

Look, we know on Ibrox Noise we don’t get everything right either, but only utter arrogance and muleheadedness would ever have believed the best striker in history, at only 22, was going to be anything other than ridiculous in the PL for City as well.

19 goals, 3 assist in 12 matches. Almost 2 in 1 territory.

Is this up there with Colak being a fail before he even signed for Rangers? Not sure, but it’s in that same thinktank from the same geniuses that wanted Jon McLaughlin in goal.

Yeah, Haaland’s nothing special at all…

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  1. Honestly it was you guys that wrote Ćolak off at the start of the season after 2 game’s. Up to the Celtic game Mclaughlin hadn’t put a foot wrong. Just remember yes AM played out his skin against Liverpool but it was the same guy that threw the ball into net on 2 occasions last season at a cost.

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