Robby’s new deal for Rangers as goalie MUST get chance

Robby’s new deal for Rangers as goalie MUST get chance
Rangers goalkeeper Robby McCrorie has signed a new contact with the Club (Credit Rangers FC)

Robby McCrorie’s new deal ought to be a source of celebration, of a young player getting a decent extension and being a vision for the future.

The problem is McCrorie is 24 and while in goalie years that’s not super old, he’s no spring chicken any more and at his age, he should have had far, far more appearances in goal if the club truly rated him than the almighty ONE league start he has.

That’s right, for all the fans rate the lad, he only has, in total, at the age of approaching 25, two appearances in total for Rangers FC, both starts, at least.

The blurb from Giovanni says:

“I am delighted Robby has agreed to sign a new deal with us. He is continuing to develop as a goalkeeper and has learned so much from both Allan and Jon. His recent Scotland call-up is testament to his quality, and his professionalism and attitude are a real credit to Robby and a real asset for the club.”

First of all, it was Robby’s call up to Scotland instead of McLaughlin that makes the ‘learning so much’ from Jon sound absurd. Can anyone tell us a single thing Robby would have learned from Jon? Yes, from Greegsy, but McLaughlin?

Secondly, calling him an asset but refusing to ever use him just makes it sound hollow, like Gio isn’t interested in him and this is a board decision rather than manager. Even the publicity shots use Colin Stewart and NOT Gio….

It’s also patronising to suggest a-near 25 year old is ‘continuing to develop’ as if he’s still a teenager.

No, while on paper this seems like Rangers actually rate McCrorie enough to want to keep him, he remains third choice behind McGregor and McLaughlin and is unlikely to break through before next season.

And indeed, Gio confirmed today there’s been no discussions with the lad about game time.

End of the day, it secures his income for two+ years, and the only hope is this move hints that the club DOES see him as McGregor’s natural successor once this season is over.

But if it does, why didn’t he start this season in goal over McLaughlin?

We’re happy he’s staying, but we’d really like to see him actually get a chance, and not just the contract.

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  1. Sorry Robbie much as I’m pleased you are staying as you’re far superior to that tosser Mclaughlin. ,It’s a load of slash bullshit peice of poor PR with weak shallow comments from GVB. This is yet another peice of failure by this Board . They will suffer for this failure if they don’t win 56. The Rangers Fans and Shareholders are not stupid. The board have fucked up the Transfers , Colak the only success. Its a mess.

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