Goldson out for 3+ months as Gio confirms NO replacement will be signed

Goldson out for 3+ months as Gio confirms NO replacement will be signed
Absolutely diabolical state of affairs now...

Giovanni van Bronckhorst has dropped a transfer shocker by confirming Rangers are NOT going to be signing any free agents and will instead dip into the Academy.

After confirming Connor Goldson will be effectively out till 2023, Gio surprisingly (or is that unsurprisingly) revealed the club isn’t going to make any moves in the transfer market with the rather meek excuse that any free agent isn’t going to be fit.

In reality, the club clearly refuses to spend money on a lucrative free agent like a Mangala or such like, and instead the manager, who realises we’re in a complete crisis as a result of shortsighted planning, will have to make do with 17 year olds from the Academy instead.

It’s dire, it’s nowhere near good enough, and Rangers’ board is clearly deeply unfit for purpose.

The fact they’ve forced Gio into making excuses why we can’t bring in emergency cover is deeply wounding, and rather shameful – the guy needs more defenders, Rangers literally have no experienced CB fit at the moment.

It’s diabolical, and it shows why the Liverpool shambles was infinitely more damaging for what it exposed off the pitch than what it did on it.

So yes, sadly, Rangers aren’t going to sign anyone any time soon, even though all we’ve got are Wee Rab and Wee Davie from the U5s as backup.


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