Gio’s shock comments aren’t fair on Rangers fans

Gio’s shock comments aren’t fair on Rangers fans
LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 04: Mohamed Salah of Liverpool interacts with Giovanni van Bronckhorst, Manager of Rangers after the UEFA Champions League group A match between Liverpool FC and Rangers FC at Anfield on October 04, 2022 in Liverpool, England. (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

Honestly? Does Gio really believe we can get third place in the Champions League?

Doesn’t he know that with a 4-goal advantage over Rangers, to avoid a head to head goal comparison we not only have to now beat Ajax, we also have to at least get a draw with Liverpool at Ibrox to avoid a head to head comparison?

I’m not even going to suggest we get a draw with Napoli away from home, because we already know Gio’s tactics when we play away. And that is sit back and pray Napoli somehow score an own goal, because we sure as hell are not going to have a shot on goal.

In the real world, because of Gio’s deliberate refusal to send out a team that is set up to win away from home, and his deliberate decisions that have now hamstrung our team to just thumping the ball up the field and hope, we cannot even dream of getting a point in the remaining matches.

Gio….I hope you’re listening; because last year everyone was saying “make us dream”.

Now all we are saying is God, just “make this end”.

It is really sad, but just now it would be better for Rangers to drop out of Europe, than to prolong the embarrassment.


Because, be honest now, what top player would want to play for a team of losers?

And the more painful 4 nil 3 nil and pathetic overly defeatist 2 nil loses we suffer, the more difficult it becomes to attract top talent.

What we are saying is the decision to save just a few million this summer may have cost us far more than just our pride.

It has totally knocked the stuffing out of our team, dented everyone’s confidence and standing in European football, and it has made it more difficult to balance our books by the careful selling and buying of players.

And Gio thinks his tactics are perfect…

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  1. Once again Derek you’ve got the full feeling of us all. I’ve never in my life heard a proper Rangers Manager say that kind of defeatist and weak garbage. He has taken us backwards after the Euro Final, we are a terrible mess. As you say the board is 100% responsible with GVB for this mess , poor or no signings the team is almost the same team from 5 years ago ffs , but we have maybe some money in the bank, and a Museum but no league title will cancel that all out. Not good enough.

  2. Time to appoint dyche in january ,pay the wages and backroom staff he asked for and give him money to spend ,dispense with this DOF shite and have one man a MANAGER running the show .Time ro get some grit, steel and organization back in team ,stop this utter shambles .
    Will the board have the balls to appoint a no nonsense MANAGER who demands money and his own players ….doubt it .

  3. I said from the start Gio was no good, a rush signing and was slaughtered for it,
    Turns out i was right
    Hes lost the plot and the dressing room,a mulehead indeed I.N
    Change needed asap while theres still time left to win this league

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