“Exceptional” Rangers as Jurgen Klopp relishes Ibrox side

“Exceptional” Rangers as Jurgen Klopp relishes Ibrox side
Liverpool's German manager Jurgen Klopp attends a press conference at the AXA Training Centre in Liverpool, north-west England on October 3, 2022, on the eve of the UEFA Champions League group A football match against Rangers. (Photo by Nigel Roddis / AFP) (Photo by NIGEL RODDIS/AFP via Getty Images)

Jurgen Klopp has described Rangers as ‘exceptional’ and that tomorrow night’s clash will be a real fight, a proper fight.

The Anfield manager, under a modicum of pressure at the moment with poor results and performances, was speaking in his pre-Rangers presser and detailing what he expects from the Famous:

“Good football team, well-coached, exceptional European season last year obviously, qualified for the Champions League, big, big big achievement. I saw the last game against Hearts, I saw more games (as well) but especially the last one and really good football team and that’s what we need to prepare for.”

Showing a good deal of respect, but the next stuff gets to the point:

“They’ve had results that they’d wanna change (in the Champions League) so we expect a proper fight, a real fight so that’s what we prepare for.”

In short, Klopp entirely recognises how good Rangers have been in Europe the past year, but acknowledges the results so far in the UCL for Gio’s men haven’t been the best, which would lead to a real fight at Anfield.

He also added it’s a major clash between England and Scotland, but seemed to have some false information that it’s the first time in 42 years that it’s happened, unless he’s meaning the Battle of Britain v Leeds in 1992 which is 40 years, but of course we’ve seen many BOBs since then anyway.

But it’s the first for a while, true, and the first time these two have ever faced each other at all, aside long-forgotten friendlies of the distant past.

Either way, it’s one to relish.

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  1. I did hear his press conference and although he was most complimentary calling us a good side ,he strangely brought up that they were playing an “Excellent ” arsenal team at weekend .
    I thought this was kinda overlooking game tonight which managers never do and let the mask slip about how he rated us in reality.One game at a time and all that malarky .
    Still a great manager though .

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