Michael Owen mocks Rangers chances against Liverpool

Michael Owen mocks Rangers chances against Liverpool
English former football player Michael Owen is pictured prior to the UEFA Nations League football match Hungary v England at the Puskas Arena in Budapest, Hungary, on June 4, 2022. (Photo by Peter KOHALMI / AFP) (Photo by PETER KOHALMI/AFP via Getty Images)

Michael Owen’s smug arrogance over his former team Liverpool’s ‘superiority’ will make perfect fodder for Rangers’ dressing room wall after the BT Sport pundit dismissed Rangers’ quality and predicted they’d need a ‘miracle’.

The ex-Real Madrid and Man Utd hitman invoked the spirit of 1992, when the whole of England dismissed Rangers when facing then-champions Leeds United, before the Ibrox giants gloriously overcame the Elland Road side to the absolute shock of the arrogant types south of the border.

In fairness, other pundits on BT gave Rangers major credit for last season, with Owen Hargreaves especially positive about Gio’s men’s performances, but Owen’s smuggery has now taken over:

“It’s amazing they have never met, but Rangers won’t have played a team like Liverpool for a long time, and they’re going to need to pull a miracle off to win at Anfield. They have the pedigree and experience of big games, but it’s unlikely they will win. The gap in player quality is big. This sort of match would usually be a classic. Rangers are used to these big games, but I don’t think they are used to playing a team as good as Liverpool. With the poor results they have had in the group so far, they will be a bit nervous.”

This is why Owen should never have gone into punditry, Liverpool are in absolutely terrible form and look a mess, and if there’s a good time to face them, it’s now.

Furthermore, we had to laugh at how we’ve apparently not faced a team like Liverpool for a long time. Well actually, Michael, we faced a lot of teams exactly like Liverpool last season in the UEL and every one of them bar one fell.

As for ‘poor results’ – em, who lost 4-1 in Naples, Michael?

This is the kind of motivation Rangers need, with a twit like Owen writing them off this aggressively.

Over to you Gio!

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  1. I would tread with trepadation on this one ,yes they arent as good as they were ,however they play v top class opposition week in week out and in the last 5 years have been in final or won it .Their european pedigree is second only to real madrid.I think we will need to be at our very best, ie dortmund away and even then might be only good enough to get us a draw just like a very very good brighton .

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