The Rangers trio who appear to want out of Ibrox

The Rangers trio who appear to want out of Ibrox
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 14: Rangers player Alfredo Morelos reacts after receiving a yellow card during the UEFA Champions League group A match between Rangers FC and SSC Napoli at Ibrox Stadium on September 14, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)

Glen Kamara, Ryan Kent and Alfredo Morelos’ Rangers’ careers are not the only ones in question, with Filip Helander, Ryan Jack and Scott Arfield all out of contract next summer as well.

But those three, Kent, Kamara and the Colombian are the ones around whom the most talk is centred on.

We’ll get to Kamara in a moment, but we’ve addressed Kent and Morelos before – and nothing here has changed.

Kent and Morelos remain out of contract next summer, and have sadly shown no interest in signing new deals.

Regulars will know we were extremely supportive of Kent and his situation for a very long time, but even our patience here at Ibrox Noise has worn a little thin, and it’s not like his form on the pitch is any good to give him some slack. Indeed, the winger is currently losing stock with fans fast, with a reduced workrate, mediocre stats for the season (3 assists in 10 matches and no goals) and an unsigned contract have led to him losing a lot of goodwill. His motivation looks significantly reduced now.

In terms of Morelos, he remains kicking himself that the move to Lille didn’t pan out, and he’s been unmotivated since then. Even former manager Gerrard cheekily admitted Morelos only liked the Europa League because he was in the shop window for suitors. His form? Well, injury derailed his 2022, and then that red card before being dropped. His stock is pretty low as well, and of course, he hasn’t signed his deal either. Frankly he has no intention to.

As for Kamara, his situation is a little different – he’s been clear that he seeks a new league and a new club, but unlike the first two, he has fully three years left on his deal. From what we understand, a major problem the Finn has is Rangers may have reneged on an earlier agreement when he signed the new deal last September, an agreement to sell him if a good bid came in. The Nice incident appears to have been the catalyst, and Kamara now just wants out. In his mind, he signed a new contract to help the club get a big chunk of cash for him, but didn’t sell him when a healthy bid came in. So we can actually understand if he’s discouraged. But he’s still paid to do a job and isn’t doing it particularly well.

These three were formerly three of Rangers’ big assets, but from once upon a time easily commanding beyond £60M for all three, Rangers would be thrilled to get £20M for the trio now.

It’s all a bit messy.

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  1. Surely the best way for these players to get a move out ,is to play out their skins and showcase their talents .I dont understand why kamara ,kent ,morelos etc seem to think throwing the toys out the pram will get them a move to the premiership and the land of milk and honey ,I dont think they have any chance.
    As for morelos being gutted he missed out on his move for 16.6 ….X that by 3 for the board ,what a blunder ! .

  2. I would put all 3 in the stand till they change their shit attitude and disrespect. No one is bigger than the Famous . Its probably bot going to happen and all three will leave at the end of this season. I’ll say it again if we don’t win 56 it will have serious consequences.

  3. Willing to give league up this year and dropping the 3 of them not intrested at all. Give sum of the youth a chance. Davis arfield mcgregor also out of contract next year cant see them being offered another yr deal. Which means nearly total rebuild again next season??????

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