Park shocker – is Rangers chairman ‘abusing’ Ibrox fans?

Park shocker – is Rangers chairman ‘abusing’ Ibrox fans?
Highly doubt they'll change tact....

A comment on Ibrox Noise really nailed a lot of our issues here on the site with chairman Douglas Park.

As regulars will know, we were once big backers of the now Rangers chairman, but the moment he let his business interests interfere with the club’s interests was the moment we started having doubts about him.

And the comment pretty much sorted it out:

Park is quick quick quick and loud to protest against the SPFL, against cinch and against anything which threatens his motor group, and a lot quieter when fans aren’t happy and club issues require his voice.

Indeed, he seems very noisy to protect and defend his wallet, but very quiet to protect the club.

We get it, he’s a businessman, and his business interests matter to him – but he’s honoured custodian of Rangers Football Club and he has a massive position of responsibility in the Ibrox boardroom.

He’s the head honcho, the chief – but when it comes to engaging with fans, engaging with pro-Rangers initiatives and promoting the club and ensuring its interests are number one, Park seems either silent, or 6 months later starts sending out his stormtroopers to do his dirty work for him.

But when it comes to cinch or the SPFL threatening the revenue of Park’s of Hamilton, Rangers are super fast to put out a statement or comment rebutting the intent.

Rangers are NOT Douglas Park’s business tool – we are not to be used for his private enterprise needs, and yet that’s exactly how he’s used us for at least 12 months.

Is it any wonder Rangers fans aren’t thrilled?

Don’t get us wrong, unlike 99% of fans we’re not advocating a return for King either, but we do know unless Park changes his ways and starts treating Rangers with the honour we deserve, he won’t be around much longer in the chair to do so.

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