Rangers’ board caught red-handed as fine issued

Rangers’ board caught red-handed as fine issued
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 06: Alfredo Morelos of Rangers celebrates his goal during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and Kilmarnock FC at Ibrox Stadium on August 6, 2022 in Glasgow, United Kingdom. (Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images)

Rangers’ kit fiasco is yet another example of the litany of offences Rangers’ board has been guilty of over the past two years and more.

See, prior to 55, Rangers’ board could do no wrong – they’d saved the club, got us Gerrard, and everything was hunky dory.

But once we mathematically secured our 55th title, it went downhill fast in terms of how the club was run, or, we started noticing how badly it was run.

And the latest disaster? The Competition and Markets Authority has fined the club around a quarter of a million for colluding with retailers to mark up shirt prices, an illegal act and anti-competitive.

In short terms, when any conspiring retailer, in this case Elite and JJB, wanted to have a price reduction, a sale, a discount, Rangers instead worked with them to ensure they didn’t, and fans would pay full price.

This is not part of trading standards, let me tell you, so those times you might walk into a sports shop and see the kit with maybe 20% off so you can have it a little less in these financially difficult times?

Tough, no discount, pay the full price because Rangers don’t want their fans to get things for a bit less.

The last time we published an appraisal on this, and were equally damning, a surprising number of supporters defended the club and said they wanted to pay full price, to ensure the club got all the money.

Not quite so sure said supporters will feel the same now.

End of the day? The board was found out – yes, these offences happened four years ago, but that was still under a number of the current incumbents and the club did not own up to this past indiscretion, ‘condemning the acts of past board members’ etc.

No, caught red handed and it now costs us a quarter of a million. Expect to see club merch and other prices rise to pay for it.

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  1. It’s shameful as I’ve posted earlier . It’s just the same horrible way of dealing as Ashley , Lambas , Green did . They should be giving a massive grovelling apology, that will be expected at the AGM and it all will very much be called out. Its not a good way we seem to be heading it’ll come to head , especially if the club doesn’t win 56.

  2. I also think we should pay full price and ensure the club gets a reasonable amount out of any sale.
    Especially now with Castore….a brand we can all be proud of
    Innovative and high quality

  3. Every day just seems to be more bad news & we’ve just to except it, Its time to get rid of these no good monkeys as they’re stripping us & stripping the club for there own greed

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