“If the intent was to fool Ajax, Gio’s tactics were perfect…”

“If the intent was to fool Ajax, Gio’s tactics were perfect…”
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 03: Giovanni van Bronckhorst, Manager of Rangers reacts during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Celtic FC and Rangers FC at Celtic Park Stadium on September 03, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

So, what can we say about the upcoming match against Ajax?

Well, if the intent was to fool Ajax into thinking Rangers’ team is there for the taking, yesterday’s tactics against Celtic were just perfect.

There was no communication between the defensive line and the midfield.

Kamara was back to jogging around the park as if he was literally jogging around a park…

And Gio put out Lundstram and Davis together in a formation that he already must 100% know does not work, and it will never work.

And we now have a recruitment department that for unknown reasons made the unbelievably stupid decision to destroy our defensive line by getting rid of Leon Balogun, and Katic the human cannonball, and bringing in no recognised backup to plug what has now become a massive problem.

OK, we can all see that Balogun spent more time injured than playing. There is no argument about that; but just now he is not injured and he really would have made a huge difference against Celtic.

Honestly could you see Celtic scoring four goals with Balogun on the field.

Being blunt I was going to talk today about how Ajax does have some weaknesses (they are still trying to get to know each other), and identify what we could do to win the game, but who for god sake thought it would be a good idea to go into the Champions League with this massive titanic size hole in our back line?

Did someone think that just because we got to the final of the Europa League with no recognised striker, we could do it the hard way again, in the Champions League, by having no recognisable defence? Yeh, let’s try that tactic against Liverpool…..

OK, all is not lost. We can defeat Ajax, by using similar tactics to those we deployed against PSV, which was controlling play through the midfield, and restricting the number of set pieces they got against us, and then hitting on the break.

And we know our team is resilient, and they can pick themselves up and they can show they are great players.

But this is really not how I wanted to write about our first match in the Champions League for 12 years.

We do have a team. A good one. A team that knows how to pass the ball around the field, when it is set up properly, but I for one am just sick and tired about feeling that we always have try to do everything the hard way.

Over the last year our players worked bloody miracles.

They were amazing, and as a group they came together to get us all the way to the final. But someone up above made the stupid decision to demolish our back line, which means the team is just going to have to show that they once again can upset all the odds.

I believe we can do it. Rangers always fight to the last minute (or it should do). So, on Wednesday let’s show our team we still believe in them, but I for one think we should send a very clear message to the board/recruitment on Wednesday for making this huge entirely avoidable mess.

They’ve not made it easy for us.

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  1. Derek, we have a team full of frauds, you think we can get a result against Ajax, would you kindly put down the glue

    We do not have a good team, we have a team of players that do not care, never will, playing football to them is some kinda sick joke that you get paid for nothing, treating our fans, the ones that pay like complete mugs, l seen this coming weeks back and got slaughtered for saying so, if we have any chance in the league, Gio must be shown the door along with his background team, as they are worse than fucking useless, we all love Gio, no question about that but he is an absolute hopless manager

    You can’t keep doing the same things and expect a different result week in week out, we cannot keep buying players who are unable to walk properly never mind playing football

    Heartbreaking for Souttar with his brother dying, but if people are using that as an excuse, you are absolutely brain dead, the guy is a flop, same as Sands, 1 good game he had and your all gushing over him, fucking nauseating, l wish he goes back to the States soon and Goldson to snap a leg or too, and l honestly really mean that, he is a fucking bombscare and the only way he will not play is if he has a serious injury which l pray happens sooner rather than later

  2. I cannot even think about /get excited about Ajax on Wednesday .If gio thinks by winning on Wednesday also,that makes up for yesterday he is very much mistaken ! Still raging 😡

  3. I like Derek’s post normally , but sorry mate you need to look at where we are without the blue tinted glasses. We are totally in a mess . The CL is a bonus good but it’s the league that matters and we’ve started disgracefully. Not one of those on attendance on the field yesterday in Blue turned up, or gave a fuck or showed any desire. Ajax are a decimated team but they will give a decent account for sure. Our performance will be better than yesterday but it won’t fix our problems ffs . The board and GVB blew it in the transfer window no amount of European effort will cover that up .

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