“Untenable – 0” – Rangers players rated at Parkhead

“Untenable – 0” – Rangers players rated at Parkhead
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 03: Rangers manager Giovanni van Bronckhorst is seen during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Celtic FC and Rangers FC at on September 03, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Ok, where do we start with these ratings. On a horror display in Parkhead, we try to sift through the wreckage and give ratings which we hope balance fair and honest with scathing…

On we go:


This was the match which finally exposed a substandard goalkeeper for the journeyman he is. McLaughlin can’t believe his luck, playing for a club this big at the top of the SPL and Champions League. But we paid for it today. We’ll not even look at the embarrassing nutmeg which cost one goal, or the poor positioning which cost another. We will look at his outstanding assist for Celtic’s fourth which is probably, literally, the most inexplicable and diabolical piece of goalkeeping we’ve seen for a long, long time. His position between the sticks is untenable after this. 0


Really struggled with decision making. Lost count of the number of times he was out wide in a decent position and elected to cut inside and then inevitably lose the ball. His crossing, of what there was, was alright but not sharp enough, and we were exposed on his side time after time defensively. 3


Exposed for the extremely ordinary defender he is time and time again – this is the first time he’s really been put under pressure this season, and he buckled. Did clear and intercept a lot with a few that were significant, but once again turned his back more than once. Took one for the team to stop it becoming a bigger rout. 3


His distribution was poor today, with a few passes to players already under pressure. He, like his mates, was sleeping too much for Celtic’s attacks, and seemed at a loss as to what to do with any of it. 3


Borna was the only defender who can walk away with even a hint of dignity. Some very good crossing and he tried to make chances. He nearly got an assist. Defensively he was more in tune than the rest but he was the only one. 6


Every single time we see Rangers fans, they always want Davis, but his problem is he slows the game down. He is sharp with his passing, but at one point, chasing the game, Davo stood completely still and halted the pace to 0. He just doesn’t work well with Lundstram. We’ve been saying that since last season. 4


Can’t say we noticed a single thing the Finn did. Deeply unmotivated performance and clearly wanted his move. 2


His 7 tackles show how hard he was working, and no one pressed harder or passed better. But it was all for nothing and he wasn’t able to do it on his own. 5


One epic run in the first was about all he did – Kent is completely off the boil and despite often shining on these occasions, this was another bum note for the winger. But in saying that he still did try, even if most his trying led to nothing. 4


Yeah, this has been coming. He was absolutely hopeless, overwhelmed by the occasion. This reminded us of Diallo last season, just rabbit in headlights and lucky to stay on the pitch. Was unable to make much. 3


Had only two half chances, and wasn’t able to do much with them. Feeding off scraps and in truth Celtic did a number on him. 3



Wasn’t able to impact the match the way he can. 3


He was determined to prove he’s the best choice, and at least he worked at it. Managed a couple of chances and definitely demonstrated he doesn’t want to be finished at Rangers. 5


Had the usual lack of impact. He is an empty jersey. 0


Once again wee Wrighty gave it what he had and tried to make things happen. Can’t fault the lad’s effort. 5


Zero impact.


Yup, here we go. Gio made yet another hash of Parkhead in the league. Somehow went backwards since February’s humiliation. His selection wasn’t awful but the Davo and Lundstram combo doesn’t work and his players just had nothing for him today. But the biggest gripe was the flimsy defence and lack of a goalkeeper. A horrible day for Gio and Rangers. And sadly no learning from the last time. 0

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  1. A week of really awful bad management on, and off the field. From not spending enough in Transfer window, to not bringing in enough players for the right positions, to letting players that we need go, then to a horrible starting line up.

  2. Our pig headed and arrogant manager has not listened one bit to his real employers who make the ultimate decision ie the fans .We have said till we are blue in the face gk not good enough ,sands goldson not good enough ,midfield need strengthening .He continues to play them then comes out and says he is very happy with the squad wtf ?? .Another shocking performance v them today making them look like world beaters 😡,for me the guy now has one leg out the door and he only has himself to blame , Europe will NOT cover up for that shite this season .

  3. Can’t argue with any of that . It was the worst . I don’t understand what motivates our players it’s definitely not playing the OF especially at the midden. GVB won’t get long to turn this around or both he and the board will have the consequences to deal with.

  4. I would have been a bit more generous re. Kent’s performance. He was willing to get on the ball and tried to create things but received little to no support from teammates. As for McLaughlin, he had a miserable afternoon but was also badly let down by the players in front of him. We didn’t lose just because of McLaughlin. We lost because Celtic played very, very well and we were too slow, too sloppy, not focused enough, showed too little aggression and created zilch upfront. Ajax and Aberdeen next!

  5. i dont normally concern myself with individual ratings within a team game, i’m not saying its pointless but really what does the rating prove? As a team game you win or lose collectively, you have components that work within a system but rating a failure is pointless. fact is, the team hasn’t been great since get go, i watched a numpty on U tube predict 2 – 1 to us, I thought what? Am I missing something? I don’t care TOO much about losing to celtic on occasion, its a long race to title, but we are not as good as folk think we are and THEY are stronger than some will admit. My opinion, we failed in the transfer window to address areas of weakness, keeper, defence and striker, we’re carrying too many long term injuries, get them to feck, free up the wages, terminate contracts, whatever the law permits because seriously, if 56 is the target, its not happening this season

  6. I must have watched a different game because I thought Barisic was diabolical and never want him near a Rangers shirt again.Not just him but thats where I will start.

  7. bit kind on borna tbh yes he put in a few lovely balls but how many times is this lad gonna switch off at the back post he’s making Abada look better than he is can’t say he’s not been warned countless times cover the back post mate 🙏.

  8. can we talk about the buy out clause for sands reported 5m at the end of the season?.yes he’s improved as a player will be a good utility player to cover various positions but 5m?.are we having a laugh!.

  9. We need to address our signing policy as we seem to go from season to season signing duds and crocks. We’re now 6 games into the new season and only 3 of our 7 new signings are in the side. And we ended today’s game with none of them on the pitch. What the hell has happened to Davies. We are desperately crying out for an established and experienced centre half. Don’t even start me on Souttar. Half a game and he’s out for 2 months. Then there’s this brilliant left back that we signed for £6m. Word is he’s a dud too. Then there’s Matondo. A great signing says John Hartson. That should’ve set alarm bells ringing. Add that to other duds like Itten, Sakala, Ramsay, Diallo, Zukowski etc. Who is taking responsibility for these signings. And the fans need to hear what’s happening with all our injured players. Roofe, Helander, Hagi, Souttar, Lowry (is he even injured or just being ignored). How much salary are these guys wasting. And what happened with Tom Lawrence. Gio said during the week he was “absolutely fine” despite hearing that he was seen with a boot on. Keeping fans in the dark and/or telling them lies is never a good idea.

  10. Robrob , I have now read about gios time at feyenoord ,his signings were awful there apparantley .People are blaming the board ,and ross wilson ,how can they be blamed ? it is the manager as fergie used to say who is most important at any football club and picks players and should be demanding more money for players .
    Our signings were a success under the previous manager ,just he was not winning enough trophies , he also demanded more money ,he never got it and left .
    Gio has to be lot harder with them and put down same ultimatum ,however I have to say ,i am losing faith in HIS ability to pick a good player ,I hope I am wrong as per .

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