Glen Kamara has downed tools at Rangers

Glen Kamara has downed tools at Rangers
BLACKPOOL, ENGLAND - JULY 16: Glen Kamara of Rangers is tackled by Kenneth Dougall of Blackpool during the Pre-Season Friendly match between Blackpool and Rangers at Bloomfield Road on July 16, 2022 in Blackpool, England.

If there’s one thing we’re being told by a few quarters, it’s that Celtic were very good today. ‘Credit to Celtic, they wanted it more and Ange outfoxed Gio – they were much better than us’.

None of that is actually untrue, Celtic were certainly better than us, but given how lethargic our side was, it’s hard for them not to want it more.

The fact is our players were blown away, not only by the opposition, but by their own apathy.

Glen Kamara was the epitome of this.

We cannot say we saw a single thing he did – it was the most anonymous performance the Finn has had yet, and it’s quite the contrast to the world class display he put in v PSV, hoping to market himself for a move.

Kamara wants out of Rangers, and nearly managed it, but for the move to Nice to fall through. He was hooked at half time for Scott Wright who showed more in 5 minutes than the Finn did in 45.

He is now demotivated entirely and Rangers are stuck with that for the next 6 months.

Remember those stories of his downing tools at Dundee when he got the move to us? Well, welcome to us now being the victims. He’s been disinterested at Ibrox for at least a year, only stepping up for the European matches because of the showpiece occasion.

That happened again v PSV – he was magnificent. And Nice wanted him.

They didn’t get him, so now he’s completely spent and doesn’t want to be here any more.

All the abuse is aimed at the defence and McLaughlin, but Kamara’s heartlessness is as big an issue as any.

17 touches in that first half – of all the subpar displays, only Colak had less of the ball than Kamara.

It says it all.

As much as you all want McLaughlin dropped, Kamara is going to be an empty jersey from here on in.

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  1. Surely this is again a failing of the manager though? It is HE that picks Kamara ,also let’s not just bring up Kamara ,Kent ,Morelos have taken 3-4 months to decide if gers are good enough ,contracts should be withdrawn pronto .Also hellander ,roofe ,souttar McLaughlin have to be removed from wage bill , unfortunately goldson will see out his 4 year 8 million deal ,he would be daft not to,another one that should have had his offer withdrawn after waiting to very last minute to see who wanted him ,gers totally fucked up there 🤔🙄

  2. Been telling you for months now this clown is fucking is done, a waste of fucking space, l never rated him or Goldson, wage theives the lot of them just read all about it online, him Goldson, Sands, McLaughlin, the same fucking kid on football players, players we couldn’t give away for free

    It is time Gio got to fuck, l told you our fans would turn on him for not fucking listening, and he can take that shower of shit that came with him to Rangers, not fucking 1 of you would listen but instead rip me apart for was so absolutely blindly obvious

    Holiday absolutely ruined, l prayed and hoped that we would get a result and happy to eat a large slice of humble pie if l got it wrong

    Just glad no tarriers, in fact no British people thank god where l am, l have 3 weeks to cool off for the dust to settle but feel it will not be enough

    Thanks Rangers, well fucking done

  3. Ross Wilson must fucking leave now, he has been an absolute fucking disaster for our club, better still, put him out with the garbage, it’s not getting picked up, the guy is a failure, somebody please come on here and tell me otherwise

  4. Kamara, Kent, Morelos can all sign Pre-Contracts in January, The Rangers get nothing for them u less they go for a modest fee by end Jamuary, I could say they should all have been sold but although teams were mentioned, there were no offers, who would pay for non tryers.

  5. Let’s see who makes offers for these shower of non trier’s then ,the other alternative is we offer and they accept new improved contacts (why would we ???) And they accept …no fucking thank you 🤔

  6. Gio has put us in a untenable position he told the world of morelos and his underachievement and attitude problems. He’s kept Kent and kamara who will both leave for very little if anything. He’s stripped macgregor for mclaughlin. He’s bought unfit players for the defence that are medical disasters and a 5’5″ replacement for Bassey. He can only lift the team for European Games when the league is our bread and butter to get into Europe. Last year he played with Gerrards players now he’s brought his own in to fit into his style. I want to know what style this is as it’s lethargic and uninspired. I feel sorry for Morelos as he’s been made a escape goat while he did gey a red against hibs was he actually ready to appear in such a fixture if he’s out of shape and has a bad attitude. Yesterday he had three defensive midfielders out and they just got out ran by a fitter and faster team which breaks my heart to say. I think he has 6 games to turn this around and they are all champions league games. Let’s befair we don’t have anyone with the pace to stop jota and Co it hurts but I’m afraid that it’s true but please Giovanni prove me wrong please please with a cherry on top

  7. Gerrard was made to look like this after his first two seasons GIO needs time atleast another year. It is what it is, who do you expect brought in? The wage bill stands at 20mil, just been on Europa final players wants big money it can’t be afforded ffs

  8. gerrard was NOT getting pumped 3 and 4 nil off them ,and he is not a top manager by any means ,unaccaptable .
    Rangers pay very good wages by scottish standards morleos ,goldson ,kent ,lundstrum,tavernier will be on the same as top earners at them ,they are not here for the weather .

  9. I think it is time to drop Kent and Kamara and let Goldson have a few games with the kids. They have no interest in the Rangers team , and I am sorry to say that IF we don’t get our act together soon 🤡 Celtic will have no worries . Totally disappointed , with the team attitude on Saturday and I feel sorry for the fans who where at the match 😞 Shankill Ray ✋

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